Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

29 January 2010

High GI or Just Plain Tired?

He was sulky when we left home so as a "bad mummy", I gave him the lollipop that we bought last January 2 - well, isn't it high time that I give it to him. Besides we already had a bit to eat. Jens is not a licker but a biter and muncher. That's also the case with ice cream. Well, he can enjoy it now where his peggies are all good.

Anyway, we got stuck in the traffic (going to the beach for Australia Day). The road was just a plain car park for more than an hour. It's as if people are going there for a vacation (like ski vacation when everyone is trying to get into the best resort when there's scarcity of snow). Ridiculous. After around 20 minutes, he was zonked-out. I found his crossed legs cute. Don't you?


28 January 2010

One Level Up

I was advised by The Tatapilla’s carer at “school” that he will be moving out of the Blue room as they are changing the age of the kids in each room. A transition period is not really necessary as there would be two or more kids to move to a different room.

Then, last Monday I noticed when I signed-in for him in the Orange Book, the age of the kids there are from 3 – 6 or something. The Tatapilla will turn three in July which makes him 2.5 years old now. He could still fit in the Blue room which is for kids from 2 – 3 years old.

Now, I’m going to toot my horn or the family’s horn here as we believe that The Tatapilla is really too good for his age. The most tangible proof is his vocabulary and language. He can hold a meaningful conversation with people that he is familiar with. He’s been asking the question why since he was 25 months.

I know each child’s development is different. Some advanced their motor skills quickly while others lag behind. I’m just thankful that I can’t see any areas that Jens is lagging to compensate for his early language development.

I understand that for some kids, it’s not as easy as 1,2,3. And if there are issues on the child’s speech development, it is all the more difficult for the parents. Getting timely therapy adds to the burden because as parents you would like to see you child develop normally or provide the most effective way of getting help.

Company and websites like SpeechQuest offers online assessment for children aged 3 months to 5 years. There are 4 videos to view on how to use the website. After the assessment, fun activities are provided and if there’s a need for the child to be referred to a specialist, the speechquest will provide helpful information.

As a parent, you don’t have full control on how your child develops but you have the power to influence or aid the speed. Speechquest is now offering 20% off until 31/3/2010. Just enter the promo code BVT1015 when you register a child. It is not free but the cost is minimal that I think would be immaterial if it’s your child’s development that’s on the line.


24 January 2010


It's really a wonderful weekend for us. No stress, no drama.

Today, we went to the market - we convinced Daddy to drive us there as even if I have car insurance, I don't want parking in crowded places. No plan of buying anything. Just to browse around and enjoy the day. We stayed for about two hours - the heat was just so bad for the skin. We enjoyed it.

On the way home, we saw that the playground at the Centenary Lakes is fixed so we hit the shop for a couple of minutes to buy some drinks and feeds for the ducks.

This is The Tatapilla enjoying at the playground.

Another one for Camera Critters.

23 January 2010

Over It

.. I'm really praying that.

Jens had been running a temperature since Tuesday. He went home (not a motorhome) early from "school" that day. And it went on and off until Friday that I decided to take day off work and look after him myself. I took him to the doctor then.

As a mother, I should know what's going on, right? I could have at least an idea what's causing the mercury to rise. Well I can't put it on anything. He is not teething, no ear aches, no snotty nose or coughing, no rashes. I suspected it was gastroentiritis but he vomitted only on Tuesday. His movement was alright.

I told all these to the doctors and after examining The Tatapilla, he can't give me a definite answer really. I thought, it was tonsillitis but the doc said, there's a mild infection in his throat but not really worth giving him antibiotics. His urine was tested and it was okay. Then, when we came back from the clinic, his temp was up again. Oh well, I gave him paracetamol and that was it. He's okay now.

Hopefully, that was the end of it. I'm just happy that he is back with himself again. This photo tells it all.


18 January 2010

Fun Weekend

Our weekend was pretty occupied. By games, that is. The test cricket is on and while watching it, The Tatapilla is also playing in the lounge. The sun is just too hot to be out in the backyard.

Later in the afternoon when the sun was down, we setup in the backyard. The Tatapilla and his Daddy played cricket, golf and croquet. They had a lot of fun. From time to time, I joined in.

We passed on to drawing (not cad drawings) and writing this time. He does that at school everyday, anyway. Besides, he is really an outdoor kid. Doesn't mind the sun or rain or wind as long as he is out and about. A true blue Queenslander, I reckon.


Red Rides

As much as possible I don't want to run out of gold coins in my purse. Why? Because of the rides at the shops or whereever we go. Mcj thought, we'll go broke if we keep on doing it or when The Tatapilla is already grown up and wanting to go to the carnival all the time. For now, we are indulging him as it's just one of his fun times. I mean, you can't pay two dollars for all the smiles and cheekiness he has when he's on one of them. It's worthless.

Although, sometimes we don't get our money's worth - when the ride is out of service and we didn't know it but he just played with it instead with my supervision of course as although some are safety product, you can never be too careful with a toddler.

This is my entry for Ruby Tuesday.

14 January 2010

Skywatch # 3

We were queueing to buy a ticket to Taronga Zoo when we noticed this on the sky. They were announcing the New Years Eve Party in Bondi. I think it was to rival the Sydney Harbour fireworks display. True enough when we went there, they were all setup.

Unfortunately, we left Sydney NYE and spent the New Year in Coffs Harbour sleeping and eating then hitting the beach - just pure indulgence (not that we would need fda approved diet pills to shed the pounds).

To see more skies, visit skyley.

The Love of Guitars Live On

It used to be just balls. Where ever we go, spots balls - all sorts. Now, it includes guitars. He'll notice it in books, shops, anywhere.

This photo is at the Australian Museum. Can't resist he actually wanted to touch it. It was the exhibit of the 80's. The come back. There were so many interesting stuff but it was dark. Was dark "in" in '80s? I really can't remember, I can't even remember using acne body wash. I was in our own little world then.


Snippets of Conversation

Mummy: You should sleep on your bed on your own.
The Tatapilla: I like your bed, you have soft pillow and cushion.

While sitting on the toilet looking at the wall paper (fishermen).
The Tatapilla: What they doing? (Pointing to the men on the boat).
Mum: Fishing.
T: Why?
M: So they have something to eat.
T: Why?
T: Why Mum?

I read that he's a bit early to ask why - he's just 2.5 years. Well, The Tatapilla has always been ahead of his age except for his height. Maybe, he should start taking multivitamin for men? Hahaha. Nah, he's in growth spurt actually.

Watching Out

I've been thinking of taking The Tatapilla to watch The Wiggles show live. I checked out their schedule but couldn't determine when are they coming to Brisbane. Hopefully, I will be aware of it and be able to book.

For now, we'll just suffice to watching them, listening to them, listening to an audio book and reading their book. Yes, we are attached by The Wiggles. Not that I complain. At the most tightest schedule we have, it allows me to dab a bit more of face moisturizer while The Tatapilla is watching the DVD.

Good Enough

You Are Caramel Hot Chocolate

You are a smooth character. You charm everyone who ever comes in contact with you.
You are naturally sweet, but not too sweet. People get stuck on you without realizing it. You're the type to meet up with a bunch of friends for hot chocolate, especially after a day of sledding or ice skating.

You try to never drink alone... even if it is hot chocolate. Warm, chocolatey goodness should be enjoyed with friends!

I'm not a hot-chocolate person. More like a coffee person but caramel would suit me just fine. I wouldn't need quick weight loss program real soon, I suppose.

But I also like marshmallows or a nice conversation.


12 January 2010

Effect of Holidays

Eversince we came back from our year end holidays (no, not in new orleans la – just somewhere close), Jens had been very clingy when I drop him off at school. He would cuddle me real tight and he’s in tears when I left – him with his carer racing outside to wave bye-bye to me. He would be sulky and not in the mood to blow kisses.

Understandable as for almost 2 weeks, he only sees me and daddy apart from the strangers. He has no interactions with other kids and his carers so it seems new to him again.

But this morning, he just sat on his chair and ate his breakfast. I’ve been priming him to not cry when I drop him off as I will pick him up again or Daddy will. And I think, the pear helped as well. He was munching on it when I left. Hahaha.

Remind me to buy pear every time we go to the shops.


Beach Bum

You would think he really likes the beach. Yes, only if he isn't scared of the waves. In fairness the waves are really big that even I was scared and have to be content to just dawdle my feet on the water.

My entry for Ruby Tuesday.

06 January 2010

2.5 Year-Old

05 January 2010

Red and Brown

04 January 2010

At The Carnival

When we got to Coffs Harbour, it was twilight. We went to the beach before dinner to have some fresh air. The lights of the carnival close to the harbour was visible so we decided to go there the next day (after enough rest and getting cleaned on the sinks).

The first ride that caught Jens attention was the Dodgem Cars. I was pushing Mcj to go but he said we'll try later. Jens tried the jumping castle first and just a miniscule touch to a pony and off we went to the bumpy cars. I went. And boy, was I rattled to the max. It was so rough - people were bumping us from everywhere and thankfully, we got kicked to the side that I told the attendant we're getting off. I can't concentrate on my driving as Jens was a bit scared and kept on putting his hand on the side. I was petrified that he might get hurt.

Next stop was at the balloon vendor and another jumping castle adventure. One lady commented how brave he was to venture up to the top.



line and sinker. That's The Tatapilla when it comes to The Wiggles show. Sometimes, it is my baby minder. Makes him sleep too. Settles him when he's getting grumpy. Excites him. Something he looks forward to.

No wonder The Wiggles is never out of business. Kids get addicted to them. I think they don't pay too much on ads and marketing (just like insurance marketing). They're simply a hit.

We only got 3 DVDs but I borrow some from the library when they're available. We also play their CD in the car. If Jens gets his way, he'll have it 24 hours a day.



We could have waited for The Tatapilla to be a bit bigger before going to places that we've been to Sydney but the time had come. He may not take them in his memory but I took heaps of photos (now saved in my old and trusty laptop, got no netbooks yet) to remind him.

He is in the stage where he takes everything that he sees. He learns everything and those that struck a special cord remains in him for long. Maybe this one did.



The Tatapilla has a very good imagination and ingenuity. Anything that he can grasp can sometimes be a telephone. Anything long enough can be a guitar. It's one of the games that he wants to play with me is saying hello to Daddy to anything that he hangs on to.

To prove to that, here's one of his photos in our recent Sydney Trip. It's as if he's answering queries on online term insurance quotes. Two phones at one time. Lol.