Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

24 September 2010

MM - Snack Time

When you ask The Tatapilla what are his favourite food, the top of the list will be all junk food so I’m not going to elaborate on that. As to the good side, he likes corn, sultana and any other fruit but I don’t have any photos of him munching on them.
Ice cream is his favourite also but it’s not a snack unless we’re out – just a treat. We do give him ice cream for pudding (dessert) with stewed fruit.

Recently, he’s been hooked with flavoured milk. His favourite is pink – strawberry but because of the recent bout of allergies, he is off limits with them. He can only have the yellow and chocolate. The story of the photo below: we went to the library and have to drop by the chemist to buy some meds for me. A trip is not complete until we have gone to the shops to buy him drinks. When we got in the car he wanted me to open one for him so I obliged. He was drinking it while I was driving. I was approaching the round-a-bout really fast and had to break and made a slight turn left. The milk just sluiced all over his face. I was reprimanded and told not to do it again. This is how he looked when we got home.

mommy moments


19 September 2010

Hello Warm Weather

We are in Spring now although the weather is still a bit cool this weekend. But the beaches have been opened officially yesterday - what I meant was the Surf Life Saver started yesterday for the year.

Yet, we are rejoicing the coming of the warmer weather, it's also high time to buy sale winter stuff like cardigan sweaters. I've been eyeing one in my favourite store and brand but haven't gotten the time to check it out lately. So yeah, for now, I'm eyeing these.


Another From The Wiggles

This is one of The Wiggles mighty works. The Tatapilla is currently hooked on their DVD. I wonder for how long but for now, I'm just happy that he is into them.

I've been searching for their new dvd that we might have not seen but it seems, there's none left. Lol. You see, we're really updated as we can borrow stuff from the library and from the video shop. I'm grateful for youtube and free website directory submission for making things easy.

Outdoor Activities

When I saw that male enhancement is one of my opportunities, I feel funny. I can't think of what it would relate to. I should have asked Mcj to do it for me. Anyway, that's by the by.

It's school holidays so here sharing some outdoor activities that will surely perk the kids up (from yahoo lifestyle).

Outdoor activities for kids
Footpath chalk drawing Give your kids a tub of different coloured chalk and let them get creative on the footpath. You can get involved by starting the drawing and let them finish it

Gardening: Making a vegetable garden is a great learning opportunity and a lovely way to spend quality time with your child. Gardens can be created in pots for the balcony or verandah or you might even have a small space for a child’s vegie patch in the backyard. If space is limited start a herb garden!

Play with pets Take the dog for a long run. Or if you don’t have a dog invite a friend with a canine companion to meet you at the park so your kids can have a play with their pooch.

Bike riding fun: Get the kids to jump on their bikes and head down to the local park for a ride around - ask them to invite a friend to share in the fun. A great way to ear them out so they sleep well at night!


At The Moment

The Tatapilla is munching on corn on a cob while watching the The Wiggles DVD. Mcj and I are surfing the net (and I'm blogging). It's our "me time".

It's been a while since we have corn actually. I just happen to bought some recently when The Tatapilla wanted drinks from the shop when we went to the chemist last Friday. We like corn - lots of fibers and can be a natural form of best weight loss supplements.

The Teacher

When we go to the Library - which is quite often, as he likes it there - he always ventures outside. There is a small area for drawings and there's a chalk board. The Tatapilla tried it for the first time last time that we were there. He asked the chalk from the library staff - who are quite enthralled by him - and taught me how to draw. Yeah, really instructed me what to do. It's just goes to show that kids know better that adults don't always know a lot of things if not everything (even buying extended laptop warranty). It's funny how much I have learned from my kid.

Fairy Tales Phase

These days The Tatapilla is reading more and more fairy tales. I know it's my choice but he doesn't mind it so I encourage it. He actually likes it. He's current favourite is Cinderella - we tried Hansel and Grettel and Sleeping Beauty. He likes the Cinderella most because it is very concise (you won't get dark under eye circles for reading all night).

Sleeping Time

Having problems with the sleeping pattern of your preschool? Here are some tips from kidspot.com.au:
Your pre-schooler will need between 10-12 hours of sleep at night - like adults, there's a wide range of 'normal'.

She will most likely give up napping during the day at this time.
Her bedtime will probably become later as she needs less sleep overnight
She may still wake during the night and want you to comfort her.
Sleep problems, such as nightmares and sleepwalking, are common at this age.
Your pre-schooler may find it more difficult to settle to sleep - especially after a big day at pre-school - and may develop a range of delaying tactics at bedtime.
If you have been sharing a bed up until this time, you may find that your pre-schooler is ready to move into her own bed and her own room.

The Tatapilla sleeps with me on my bed. That's not a problem for us. We like him there. We also don't have a problem with his sleeping. He naps once a day and can last for up to 3 hours (imagine how much quite time can we get). Sleeping a night is like a breeze. He sleeps late if you just let him play or be on his own. He likes talking even to himself. But he sleeps soundly as if he is coccooned in warm silk. At times, it gives me ample time to do opp on hydroxycut reviews.

Preschool, Already!

I was looking at a website to keep track of The Tatapilla's development and I checked on Toddler only to be confronted of age up to 3. I never really realised that my little boy is not little at all. He is also not a toddler anymore. He is now a preschooler. How amazing is that? It's only been yesterday, yes, I feel that way.

Anyway, I just want to share some of the facts on pre-schoolers development (taken from kidspot.com.au):
Developmental milestones:
Articulating what he wants to communicate most of the time
Speaking very clearly - although some still persist using 'baby talk', and some children cannot yet manage the sounds s, r, z, th, v, f
Understanding prepositions such as - around, before, out, through.
Asking questions beginning with "What" "Who" "Where" and "Why"?
Understanding the movement of time - that yesterday, today and tomorrow are different time periods.
Talk in complex sentences that are in the main, grammatically correct
Enjoying jokes.

How can I encourage his language development?
Continue to read (link to book reviews) to him. When there are so many other exciting things going on in a busy day, it's easy to overlook reading together but this still provides really valuable together time.
Invest in some music CDs for young children or nursery rhymes (link to nursery rhymes). You'll be amazed at how fast he'll able to sing along (and turn the stereo on, set up the CD and adjust the volume!)
Provide him with some simple musical instrument and make your own band.

One thing for sure, we do have our own band at home. And boy, can he be very imaginative. I am thinking sometimes of what course should he be preparing. I know, it's a long way off but hey, you can never be prepared, right? Maybe, it's time for me to hit the gmat prep courses? I will surely put that in mind.



Last week, The Tatapilla got home sporting a bruise only the face just below his eye. We were told someone hit him with a shovel while playing. Boys are always boys!

Anyway, this is what you get when kids mixed with other kids (and played with riding toys). I'm just thankful it's not in the eye.


04 September 2010

In Japanese

The Tatapilla has been singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Japanese and he can nail it really nice. I can't find the lyrics of the version that he sings and this is the closest that I can get.
Kira Kira Boshi

Kirakira hikaru,
Osora no hoshi yo
Mabataki shite wa
Minna o miteru
Kirakira hikaru,
Osora no hoshi yo

They're taught of songs from different languages at daycare and I make an extra effort of teaching him Tagalog songs too.
Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo
Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo
Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo
Pumadyak tayo at magpalakpakan

I'd like to teach him Bahay Kubo but I can't remember the lyrics. Lol. Time to save the date cards for our dinner. :)

Dangerous Chemicals

ALARMING levels of the toxic chemical BPA are lurking in tinned foods including popular baby brands, a study claims.

Consumer advocate Choice is demanding Bisphenol A be stripped from all tinned foods fed to infants and toddlers after conducting tests on a range of common products.

The "gender bending" substance, widely used in plastics and to stop food and drink tins and cans rusting, has been linked by some animal studies to infertility, cancers, heart disease, attention deficit disorder, and other health risks.

Choice spokesman Christopher Zinn said laboratory samples on 38 tinned products - including baby food, baked beans, coconut milk, corn kernels, soups and fish - revealed 29 contained "potentially harmful" levels.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/business/strip-danger-drug-from-food-tins-says-choice/comments-e6frfm1i-1225913100587#ixzz0yKYGH7Ho

I try to avoid giving my family canned goods but we can't get away with the ever favourite baked beans. I have been buying heinz and I realised lately that the taste isn't better than the other brands so now I'm going back to home brand - cheap and nice.

Our everyday lives are almost ruled by chemicals, not just in food. I am disgusted with smell of bathroom cleaners - thank God for bathroom fans if there's any to abate the smell.


Who's That?

At three years old, The Tatapilla can recognise the current Prime Minister of Australia. We were watching the news last night about the fallen Aussie soldiers in Afghanistan and that's when The Tatapilla saw the PM. I'm just amazed. He can also recognise the Bronco team and their captain. He said last night, Locky isn't there. Lol. His antics really deserve wood swing set.


03 September 2010

MM - Pamana

I haven't captured any photos for this week's theme but I will love to share them with you sometimes.

I own a grey jacket with Ferrari print. It's really small and my friend used to jest that it fits her kid then. Now, I can't wear it anymore and I put it in The Tatapilla's dresser. This winter when his Dad was looking for a jacket for him, they found it and put it on to him. I was glad. See, he's just 3.

As a family, we will surely give The Tatapilla our compact KJV bible. It's leather bound given by Mcj's uncle to him. It's still in a pristine condition. Mcj gave it to me when we were still dating.

I'm also thinking of making some of my jewellery as heirloom. My mother-in-law gave me a necklace with jade pendant and I'm thinking to save it for my daughter-in-law (instead of buying them outdoor chaise lounges). Lol.

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