Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

31 December 2011


Since we moved in our new house, the Tatapilla has been almost on top of the roll for sleeping in his own bed all on his own. It's a really big step in his independence. We've tried to get him to bed on his own in our old place but most of the times, it ended up in tears. What changed, you'd ask. It's the location of my room relative to his. You see, my roo is just across the hall. The light from my room shines to his and I don't turn off the light until he goes to sleep.

But it doesn't mean to say that he doesn't use tricks to sleep on our bed. He does, most of the nights and sometimes, I give in of course - I don't put eyelash growth serum for me not to be disturbed. But it's a move - one that we are all glad.


20 December 2011

The Shift

.. Again, to another kindy. The Tatapilla has another year in kindy before going to prep and we decided that it is best that he meet new friends locally and then when he goes to big school, he has friends there. He is a very friendly and social kid, but knowing somebody at a new school is another story.

And so, we enrolled him to one of the kindies just at the end of our stree. It's a 3 minute drive or less. A plus. No need to recharge my personal duracell procell aa to get him when I'm home and plan to walk. He was a bit hesitant about it at first but we have conditioned his mind and now, he's up to it.


07 December 2011


Everyone is excited to see this movie - in Oz at least. It was showing in the Philippines when we left, and it was silly of me not to have thought to watch it. And you bet, we won't let it pass. If we'll have time, we'll see it on the first weekend.

It will be the first for the Tatapilla in 3D movie. How exciting, right?

Oh, Mackers are not having the toys for their happy meals yet. Why oh why. It's always late here - movies, fashion, I wonder if it's the same with motorhome insurance. Hope not.


What for Pressies?

What do you give a boy who you think has everything that he needs? I'm sure if you ask him he has a very long list. But then, we don't want him to be so caught up with the commercialism of the Christmas here, which it has been downgraded to that in almos all over the world. (A sad thing).

I'm finished with my Christmas shopping. We're not spending much, just some bits and pieces that will cheer those little persons.

Has anyone thought of giving funny t shirts? I have and I'll get some if I can find holes in my budget.

19 November 2011

The Pretend Thing

As every mother knows, the hardest thing to do is to get your breastfeeding baby to take a bottle.

So, mimijumi has created the Very Hungry ($15) and Not So Hungry ($14) collection for those bottle picky tots.

Designed to mimic the shape and feel of a natural feeding, the BPA- and phthalates-free silicon nipple won’t express milk until the baby fully latches on.

Plus, the wide nylon container is easy to clean and easy to fill up.

To learn more about or to buy this cool bottle, go to mimijumi.com.

The Tatapilla would call it that. Though, he was not taken into bottle feeding. He was breast-fed and when he was 1, he just started drinking from sippy cups. But this is close to the real thing so babies will not have that withdrawal symptoms. So yeah, Mums can go back to their office name plates or any other jobs.


There are two kindy's close to our new home - one is following the curriculum of the Qld Education and has been recommended by our agent. We are planning to put the Tatapilla there. I've been prepping him up about it and at this point, I am getting negative feedback. He's best mate in his current kindy reduced his attendance to three days and they only get to see in two of those. That really upsets him so the plan to move is being affected. Hopefully a change of mind will happen soon as it is going to be beneficial for all parties involve as it is really very very close to home (much like the acceptance of black and milds). Crossing my fingers here until Christmas.

13 November 2011

Games and Imagination

The Tatapilla has so many cousins to play with in the Philippines. Playmate wasn't a problem. He is used to have many friends and playmate in school but it is a different story at home. When we got back from our holidays, I thought, he'll have a shock with the transition of plenty of playmates to none. But I was wrong. There wasn't any transition at all. He was back to his old self. His imagination kicked in automatically to play by himself. He doesn't need toys to amuse himself. He can invent and pretend games and toys from something that he likes. Hopefully, he can use his skills in his adult like to pursue life changing careers like Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs.


Teaching them to Save

I personally believe that teaching kids to save or spend money at an early, has a big impact when they grow up. It is important to teach our kids the value that we want to them acquire regarding money at an early age.

We are not perfect parents but we do our part in teaching the Tatapilla to save money with some silver dollars and gold as well. We opened a bank account for him almost 2 years ago and we've been teaching him to fill his platybank. We go to the bank every month when we can to deposit the money. He is a spender with things that he likes but at the same time, get joys in putting his money aside.

Parents are the key

As with almost every other area of childhood development, parents are the most significant influencers of their offspring's future financial behaviour.

Research from the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona has found that invariably kids inherit their financial sense from mum and dad. The study discovered parents who intentionally taught their children about financial management exerted a greater influence on a child's financial knowledge than lessons learned in school and the workplace combined. Davies agrees and says she would like to see parents flash cash rather than cards.

"Kids will learn more from actually seeing a cash transaction take place," she says. "Before going shopping, take out some cash and explain to the kids that this is as much as you will be spending. Then let them see you hand over the cash and receive your change.

"For older kids, at the start of school holidays, for example, let them earn some cash to pay for things they want to do and then let them be responsible for making choices on how they plan to spend their money. They will learn they can't do everything."

From bodyandsoul.com.au


09 October 2011

Foodies and Sleep

The Tatapilla is at the age where sleep during the day has been out of the scheduled. Even when he is at school, he always tells me that he just watch telly during rest time. I have yet to talk to hi teacher about it. On weekends or holidays, he always doesn't sleep or even laydown to rest. The trick is just to go to sleep really early at night, which is good.

Also, these days feeding him has been a battle, at the dining table that is. But when he is hungry, he can feed himself all on his own. One afternoon when I got home, he was eating peanut paste out of a jar. I left him on his own and when I got back, he was putting honey on the sandwich that he made himself. As a result, he hasn't had much dinner and passed out after a few minutes.

He is really very independent these days that soon would be asking for titanium bracelets for men. We're taking it by stride - both happy and sad sometimes.


25 September 2011

So Near

I'm so excited for our trip but I am not ready yet. There are so many things to pack and consider in packing. And of course, keeping in mind to travel light which is near to impossible when travelling with a tot or shall I say a preschooler. But I suppose, taking a magellan gps with us will be over the top.

Anyway, I am just getting the Tatapilla ready on his Filipino language a bit. Hopefully, he'll learn a lot when we are there.


Keeping Good Behavior

As usual the raisingchildrennetwork has greatly helped me and I'm sharing it here as well.

Children do as you do. Your child watches you to get clues on how to behave in the world. You’re her role model, so use your own behaviour to guide her. What you do is often much more important than what you say. If you want your child to say ‘please’, say it yourself. If you don’t want your child to raise her voice, speak quietly and gently yourself.

Show your child how you feel. Tell him honestly how his behaviour affects you. This will help him see his her own feelings in yours, like a mirror. This is called empathy. By the age of three, children can show real empathy. So you might say, ‘I’m getting upset because there is so much noise I can’t talk on the phone’. When you start the sentence with ‘I’, it gives your child the chance to see things from your perspective.

Catch her being ‘good’. This simply means that when your child is behaving in a way you like, you can give her some positive feedback. For example, ‘Wow, you are playing so nicely. I really like the way you are keeping all the blocks on the table’. This works better than waiting for the blocks to come crashing to the floor before you take notice and bark, ‘Hey, stop that’. This positive feedback is sometimes called ‘descriptive praise’. Try to say six positive comments (praise and encouragement) for every negative comment (criticisms and reprimands). The 6-1 ratio keeps things in balance. Remember that if children have a choice only between no attention or negative attention, they will seek out negative attention.

Get down to your child’s level. Kneeling or squatting down next to children is a very powerful tool for communicating positively with them. Getting close allows you to tune in to what they might be feeling or thinking. It also helps them focus on what you are saying or asking for. If you are close to your child and have his attention, there is no need to make him look at you.

‘I hear you.’ Active listening is another tool for helping young children cope with their emotions. They tend to get frustrated a lot, especially if they can’t express themselves well enough verbally. When you repeat back to them what you think they might be feeling, it helps to relieve some of their tension. It also makes them feel respected and comforted. It can diffuse many potential temper tantrums.

Keep promises. Stick to agreements. When you follow through on your promises, good or bad, your child learns to trust and respect you. So when you promise to go for a walk after she picks up her toys, make sure you have your walking shoes handy. When you say you will leave the library if she doesn’t stop running around, be prepared to leave straight away. No need to make a fuss about it – the more matter of fact, the better. This helps your child feel more secure, because it creates a consistent and predictable environment.

Reduce temptation. Your glasses look like so much fun to play with – it’s hard for children to remember not to touch. Reduce the chance for innocent but costly exploration by keeping that stuff out of sight.

Choose your battles. Before you get involved in anything your child is doing – especially to say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ – ask yourself if it really matters. By keeping instructions, requests and negative feedback to a minimum, you create less opportunity for conflict and bad feelings. Rules are important, but use them only when it’s really important.

Whining: be strong. Kids don’t want to be annoying. By giving in when they’re whinging for something, we train them to do it more – even if we don’t mean to. ‘No’ means ‘no’, not maybe, so don’t say it unless you mean it. If you say ‘no’ and then give in, children will be whine even more the next time, hoping to get lucky again.

Keep it simple and positive. If you can give clear instructions in simple terms, your child will know what is expected of him. (‘Please hold my hand when we cross the road.’) Stating things in a positive way gets their heads thinking in the right direction. For example, ‘Please shut the gate’ is better than ‘Don't leave the gate open’.

Responsibility and consequences. As children get older, you can give them more responsibility for their own behaviour. You can also give them the chance to experience the natural consequences of that behaviour. You don’t have to be the bad guy all the time. For example, if your child forgot to put her lunch box in her bag, she will go hungry at lunch time. It is her hunger and her consequence. It won’t hurt her to go hungry just that one time. Sometimes, with the best intentions, we do so much for our children that we don’t allow them to learn for themselves. At other times you need to provide consequences for unacceptable or dangerous behaviour. For these times, it is best to ensure that you have explained the consequences and that your children have agreed to them in advance.

Say it once and move on. It is surprising how much your child is listening even though he might not have the social maturity to tell you. Nagging and criticising is boring for you and doesn’t work. Your child will just end up tuning you out and wonder why you get more upset. If you want to give him one last chance to cooperate, remind him of the consequences for not cooperating. Then start counting to three.

Make your child feel important. Children love it when they can contribute to the family. Start introducing some simple chores or things that she can do to play her own important part in helping the household. This will make her feel important and she’ll take pride in helping out. If you can give your child lots of practice doing a chore, she will get better at it and will keep trying harder. Safe chores help children feel responsible, build their self-esteem and help you out too.

Prepare for challenging situations. There are times when looking after your child and doing things you need to do will be tricky. If you think about these challenging situations in advance, you can plan around your child’s needs. Give him a five-minute warning before you need him to change activities. Talk to him about why you need his cooperation. Then he is prepared for what you expect.

Maintain a sense of humour. Another way of diffusing tension and possible conflict is to use humour and fun. You can pretend to become the menacing tickle monster or make animal noises. But humour at your child’s expense won't help. Young children are easily hurt by parental ‘teasing’. Humour that has you both laughing is great.

Really, it about covers it. One just have to remember them all 15 and it will be like the flow of argan oil for skin. Smooth and easy. I wish.

28 August 2011

Top Gun Phase

Because of the aircraft carrier that the Tatapilla received on his 4th birthday, he is drawn into top gun. I reckon, he is a bit early for this type of show but currently he is more concerned on just flying aircraft and such - more on the aerial show.

His favourite show is more on the inclination on some of his toys. It's like seasons to him. I hope all this leaning into technical stuff will encourage him into Transportation Attendant Jobs or anything related to transport.


Nice Conversations

The Tatapilla was left in his own room to try to go to sleep. After a few seconds, he came to my room saying: I am a little bit lonely sleeping on my own. So he ended up sleeping with me.


We were heavily discussing if he can watch fireman sam on my phone and how many episodes can he:
T: I'm sorry Mum, I frustrated you but I really, really want to see fireman sam on your phone and I want 4.


We were at the library and after picking up the dvd's and books that he wants, he wanted to go home while I was still picking mine.
T: Mum, we're going in 4 minutes, okay? I'll count 4 minutes.

He went away and counted to 4 and said: 4 minutes is up. Time to go home.

When I thought of these small conversations we had, I can't help but giggle sometimes. His adlib is really down pat sometimes that if he's up to it, equestrian boots are fitting reward for him.


15 August 2011

Taste of the Real Fire Engine

We did and saw many things at the Ekka today but I think the highlight for the Tatapilla (michael kors watches for me if there were any) is to be upclose and personal with a fire engine and real fireman. Inspired by the show Fireman Sam, he is so engrossed everything with fire. He also has close encounters with fireman at school as they were educated about fires as well.

He was shy at first when we asked the firies if he can inspect the fire struck but he got over it and posed for photos.

07 August 2011

Making Conversations

Me: Do you know that I love you?
T: Yes.
Me: How do you know?
T: Because I know best?


At the shops wanting to buy cherry ripes (not Wholesaleinsurance.net).
T: I want cherry ripe for dessert.
Me: We already have turkish delight.
T: I don't want turkish delight. I just want cherry ripe.
He got what he want and for his Dad.
T: Dont you not want cherry ripe for dessert?
Me: Do.
T: Just one for me and one for Dad.
Shop attendant: What's your name?
T: J...
SA: Can you say it again?
T: J... P..... I share everything with my family.
SA: (to me) is he always that articulate?

The Tatapilla is really acting like an adult now. He is very independent but I am just glad that he is still the sweet little boy that he used to.

What's in a Bag?

brownie? Not really. We havent had real brownie for a long time - home-made ones that is. Sometimes, it is easier to use the brownie delivery nation-wide service. We have a favourite brand of brownie that we used to buy. The Tatapilla is very fond of it but I reckon, it wasn't really worth it. It was eliminated from the shopping list. Although, sweets are a constant item on the list. It's very handy sometimes as a bribe. The Tatapilla has to go to sleep (which recently, he'd ditched when he's at kindy) so he can have desert. Clever plan, isn't? :)

17 July 2011


I am proud to say that we didn't brought up the Tatapilla to expects presents but after this party, I don't know if that is still the case. When asked yesterday what present does he want, he said, I already got a present.

He received nice presents so we are greatful. He likes them all and have been playing with them. No blackberry covers though.

The Party

The big party was at the Hippos House, an indoor playground. I am happy with this decision as it was raining early that morning.

We invited a couple of his schoolmates and it was good turn-out. Most of the kids that came are actually his best mates. A good bonding time outside of school. His best friend ever who moved to south side of Brissie also came despite the long drive. It was a good reunion.

He had a ball what with sugar loaded food. It was such a big day that I hope he'll remember for a long time.

And the good part for me is no cleaning up. We paid for it too - thankful that I don't have the hassles of the almost collections agencies bother.

Happy 4th

The Tatapilla turned 4 this year. We didn't have a big day on the actual birthday. We woke him with greetings and he asked for a cake which of course, I haven't bought. We were not prepared as I was thinking that we're throwing him a party three days after anyway. One of the teachers bought him a cake so he can blow candles on. I was thankful.

That night, we dropped by the shops to buy a small cake and cupcakes for school the next day. It was a fun day. He had his present the day before. We were thinking of (thick yoga mats, NOT) a real laptop but when Mcj saw a toy laptop, he bought it and it is a hit. So who needs to spend half a grand for a real laptop then?


03 July 2011

ThunderBird Phase

Who would have thought that my almost 4 year old will be watching a tv series created in the 60s? Well, maybe his dad as it was him who encouraged the Tatapilla to do so. Now he is hooked line and sinker specifically. He plays pretend as the characters in the series. I am not even aware what the rating of this show is but it seems he likes it. Well, in our house.. there is really no censorship whatsoever. It always boils down to teaching him what is right and wrong (including choosing ATV Parts if he's out with dad buying tools). He'll be exposed to it anyway. In a way, we are teaching him young. We are a non-conventional parents anyway - the Tatapilla is being treated as one of us but of course, with a spash of discipline now and then.

26 June 2011

The Best Part of Making Cakes

Lately, he's been wanting to bake cake everytime we're at home so I indulged him for two weeks now. He helps as much as I want him to - put extra sugar, eat the egg. But the best part is eating the batter. He actually ate more of it than the cooked cake. It was a hit. I reckon for him, it's as exciting as taking the hot tub covers to have a big dip.

19 June 2011

Listen Up

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

On the same note, I found myself just recently realising that in our household we have been treating the Tatapilla as an adult and he acts like one. He's just almost 4 but he thinks like a grown-up. Just as I was staring at hime, I have thid odd feeling that I should be talking to him like he's still a baby but we never used to do that. Proof enough that he always gets notice on his conversational skills and aptitude. I can't remember him going through baby talk. Silly, but it seems I have missed something. Our normal conversations would be about the stars, sun, the traffic rules (not on rifle scopes yet) - we seldom talk about his toys or cartoon characters.

As a parent, there are so many things to think about and only so little of them you can do at times.


This is not the most awaited movie in the Tatapilla's household (his Nanna was very much against the first one) but it looks interesting. We own a DVD of the 1st one but when it was advertised to be shown in free tv, he has to wait for it. Sadly, it was aired at the same time as Cars and we haven't seen the latter. Even in his sleep today, he's been telling me that he wants to watch Kungfu Panda. Speaking of chinese related, anybody heard of garmin zumo? The latest in GPS and the lot, I reckon.

13 June 2011

Not a Walk in the Park

I watched the movie Stepmom today and it made me realise that what we are going through today as parents (at the Tatapilla's age), is barely a scratch on the whole package. And at times, I thought.. it's really very difficult and challenging. Hah. How much more would it be when he becomes a teen. Though, there's another way of looking at things. It's all learning curves and we should enjoy all the curve balls thrown at us. I've been telling myself that every situation should be handled with ease and no pressure but this is easier said than done.

I guess, that's why most of us parents want to have more kids. To have more practice? To perfect it? To try to apply what we have learned from the first one? I'm sure it's not just for paternity's sakes. Is it safe to think that the more kids one has, the better her parenting skills become?

Yes, it's not a walk in the park but it will be when one learns how to relax. :)


05 June 2011

Funny Conversations

We drove past KFC and I made a comment that I want to eat something from there but since we are on the other side of the store, we didnt. The Tatapilla has been whining about it as we cruise along.

J: I want to eat KFC.
Me: What do you want to eat at KFC anyway?
J: KFC, of course.


We were talking about dinner and I suggested pizza.

Me: (talking to Mcj) we can have p-i-z-z-a on Tuesday. (spelling it as when the Tatapilla hears it he will want it right away)
J: Pizza?
Me: How do you know it's pizza.
J: Because I have good memory?

These days, he really manifests the "monkey see, monkey do" saying. Any word that we utter fires back to us. Mind you, it is also use in the right context.

He is growing up so fast that soon I'll have to worry blackhead remover. I hope not. For, I'll have to enjoy every moment while it last.


29 May 2011


The cold season has brought a damp in our house that almost everyone is sniffling and coughing. It's really not funny. The Tatapilla (including me) had stayed home last Tuesday so I can take him to the doctor. I was advised to just give him paracetamol and not to worry. Yeah, right.

It all started I suspect after the swimming lesson. Although, the pool is heated it is still cold when you get out of it and while dressing up. It's really fortunate that the Tatapilla is still himself beside feeling unwell. One can be without mothers rings so long to have that type of kids - happy all the time.

22 May 2011

Meaningful Conversations

... with the Tatapilla.

Sometimes, for an outsider the Tatapilla talking back to me is sort of disrespectful. Even for a Filipino culture or the 50s, I'd say. But I thought when I didn't have the Tatapilla yet that when I have a kid, I will allow him to say his peace. But joining free online dating is another matter altogether. :)

When jens was getting in to his car seat, he slipped.
Me: you should watch where you r going & what u r doing.
Jens: its the slippery boots.
Me: (forgot that i told him to put them on) you shouldnt wear them.
Jens: well, you told me to put them on.

I didnt have a comeback.


I gave jens chocolate pasalubong when i picked him up frm school with the strict instruction to save it for after dinner. I kept reminding him abt it in the car.
Jens: yes, i am.
.... A fee secs passed.
Jens: do u like my style?
Me: what style?
Jens: saving the choc for later.
Me: yes i do.

Little did he know, he just handed me an ammunition to make him do things. I just say "i like your style". :)


conversation with Jens over the phone:
me: hello bub. what are you doing?
jens: answering the phone. :)
jens: that's all mum. (my cue to end the phone call).
me: i love you.
jens: i love you. sweet dreams. :-) (I was at work).


15 May 2011

Weekend with Morris

One Friday, his carer at school handed him Morris, the stuffed dog.. along with a scrap book. We were the first to take Morris home for a weekend. And so we took him home and let him participate in our household activities - no document scanning though. We took photos with him and the Tatapilla in it. It was fun. The Tatapilla's carer thanked us for a wonderful job.

Fireman Sam Phase

All this watching of the Fireman Sam episodes are taking its toll. The Tatapilla has been playing pretend fireman for almost a month now. He wears his helmet and hang on the anything long as his firehose while watching the dvd. Other days, he can really look serious with his fireman jacket and all that I can put him in Trade show booth. Other days, he'll keep on saving babies - the cats, the stuffed toys - and my kitchen.

07 May 2011

Souvenir of the Royal Wedding

Well, the Tatapilla might be too young to understand the event that has become an important part of royal history if not the world but he is quite exposed to it as the news have been inundated with it. He recognised the couple. When we went food shopping, an island display was dedicated for the magazine (just like at some pc desktops shops) and he wanted me to buy it. I didn't buy this particular magazine as I already have another. It was tempting to buy more but they're all the same anyway. How many one can accumulate.


06 May 2011

Fireman Sam

This is the latest craze at home. We borrowed a dvd from the library one weekend and after seeing it, the Tatapilla has been emulating Fireman Sam, putting out fires, saving babies, etc. His Dad even bought him a new fireman chief helmet that he takes to school like a normal hat.

All these shows that he likes, I'm thankful, are very educational so sometimes we indulged him in watching it several times a day. I sometimes play the act with him if I am not doing chores like direct mail printing.


No, I haven't seen this movie yet but I'd like to. I'm thinking of the family to see it this Mother's Day sunday - I'm sure Mcj is not going out fixing goulds pumps or any pumps for the irigation. It'll be fun.

When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams.


26 April 2011

The Easter Bunny

The commercialism of Easter (and all the other holidays) is very rampant here in Oz. Just like Christmas, things and food related to the holiday being celebrated.. are all over the shops, literally. But I suppose that's why the shops are in business. Because they make do of what's given to them or shall I say, of the tradition (it has become that overtime). The target market is mostly kids and of course, the ultimate victims are the parents especially those who can't say no to their kids, like us. So this easter, we succumb to the lure of the commercial items (no not the short term health insurance Blue Cross) but the easter bunny. This year is actually better as we didn't buy as much chocolate as the previous years. And we didn't eat them all at once. I have so many in the pantry that will last me another month or so.

It's all the novelty factor for a 3.5 year old boy, anyway.


Redcliffe Sail Festival

It fell on Good Friday this year and we have learned our lesson from last year so we went there a little bit early. Yet, finding parking was still horrible. We had to go round and round, then ended up parking about half a km from the beach. That wasn't bad at all as the Tatapilla and I didn't walk back to the car. Just Daddy, lucky us.. we just waited on the sidewalk close to the beach for Mcj to pick us up.

I digress.

Anyway, the sail festival is the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yatch race. This year, it didn't start until 12 noon. We had a good look at the yatchs. There were also so many things for sale at the market.. from clothes to guitar, to stickers and jewellery (Mcj got me a pair). There was suppose to be lots of activities but we didn't get to it at all as the crowd was just massive. Walking on the footpath by the beach was a nightmare. It was like people were lining up for trophies. But the Tatapilla had ball at the beach. We didn't plan on him to play at the beach but it was the first attraction. A few minutes after we got there, he was already wet. We didn't take togs for him or towel so we made do with his jacket to dry him up. Good thing we brought him spare clothes. But the second time that he took a dip, he had to wear just his undies. Daddy said, they looked like speedo anyway. :)


03 April 2011

Movies of the Week

I know that Iron Man 2 is rated M... not for kids. But what can I do when an almost 4 year old, likes it? Mcj watched it Saturday morning right after waking up and of course, when the Tatapilla woke up... he had to join. So far he likes it really especially that he owns and iron man toy. He actually wants to watch it again.

The chipmunks and the chippets (is that the correct spelling?) are real fun to watch. This had been played twice in our home just this weekend.

This weekend has been really glorious for us. Just the same relaxing weekend for the whole family. Learning of the Free shipping at ProFlowers is a bonus.

To The Duck Park

We planned on going to the duck park this weekend - preferrably Sunday. We told the Tatapilla on Friday night and it seems he can't sleep while waiting for sunday to come. Last night, he asked what time are we going.. and I said in the morning, referring to sunday morning. He said he wants dark time and he actually meant to go there last night. He had reasoned out that ducks close their eyes on day time and open their eyes on dark time. :) We prevented a big teary episode last night because we were not going.

This morning, right after he woke up, he asked when are we going. He was told this afternoon.... and we have to spell out the chronicles of events before it's 4PM. He is relentless.. like he is waiting for a payday advance. Lesson learned, when going to places that he likes.. plan it without telling him or we wouldn't hear the end of it until we've been there.

27 March 2011

Games and Toys Ideas

The Tatapilla has enmassed so many toys that he hardly play with them all. Well, it's not really him who bought them but me. Although, I think that I should switch to something more educational although he had lots of them too. I've been thinking some board games and maybe really complicated puzzles. Plus something to spend some pent-up energy, although, best pre workout supplement is out of the question. I've been thinking these will do.


Winter Gear

It's starting to get cold these days. When I say cold, it's still above 20. I like these outfit only if they are a bit colourful. Some things in life are nice when there are splashes of colours, maybe except home speakers.

Anyway, we're not due to buy the Tatapilla new winter gear as some of his warm clothes still fit him. Just maybe a hoody or two or some pants.


The Shoeaholic

Yes, that's the Tatapilla. He got two pairs of shoes in just a week or so. I got him a pair of bob the builder boots last week (not to match slutty costumes, now there's the word), considering that the cold season is coming up. He's been wearing sandals and thongs this warm season and I haven't really bought him any decent pair this year.

Then last Thursday, Daddy needed new boots and they have a promo at the shops that 2nd pair half price. We got the Tatapilla another pair, this time flashing shoes. It's not really like this - this is just a wish. There was a superhero pair that he liked but they don't have the size for him.


Toy Story 3

The Tatapilla have seen this movie twice over this weekend already. He is just so into it. It's late considering it has been out for a long while already but it still feels new to him. He is into Woody's salute for quite sometime now. We wondered where he got it.

I had good fun watching the movie. I reckon, there will be a 3th sequel to the movie. Some things are just worth doing over and over again, just as marketing gifts for women are worth giving every special occasions.

05 March 2011

The Big Bang Theory

Before going to sleep tonight, we searched for videos in youtube. The big bang theory is always the favourite. The Tatapilla really liked the Justice League Recombination that we watched it over and over. This production was really amazing. Forget about the discount scrubs, they've gone all out on this. No wonder, it's the favourite of an almost 4 year old.


27 February 2011

BPA-Free Water Bottle

I'm not really a fussy mother. I'm not that neat freak either. But there are things for children that I have used that didn't meet my requirements. Take the water bottle with small opening that cleaning the inside is impossible. I have fallen victim to at least 3 of them and they are such a waste of money. I found out after a couple of months that the inside gets slippery and sort of mouldy but cleaning it is just next to impossible. Very frustrating and I don't want my child drinking water from bottle with slippery/mouldy insides. I have kept all those bottles - I'm not sure what to do with them yet. And I bought this one. The picture says it all.

There are other things that I have noticed but I can't really say about cigar humidor, as Mcj smokes and although, it is outside the house.. the window is open and we still get smoke inside the house. Oh well, you cant have everything, can you?

Face Painting

This is the first time the Tatapilla to sport a paint on his face - if you don't count temporary tattoos on his face, that is. He loved this spider man face painting that I was told not to wash it off in the bath but they come off pretty quickly making the bath water yuck and sticking to the hot tub covers. The next day, he came home from school sporting a batman paint on his face. And another one sometime last week. The teachers paint their face at school and good thing, they all look neat and dont get into his clothes.

On Full Gear

The Tatapilla is starting a new swimming lesson this month. It's a big late time of the year but it had been raining this summer and the swimming school pool was flooded. This is sort of our gift to him instead of giving him edible gifts.

Yesterday was his first. It wasn't a big event as he was getting familiar with the teacher and starting to trust him. I just hope that he'll be on full swing in the next sessions.


20 February 2011

Heart Breaking

BABY Yvanna has just two months to live - unless she can find a donor.

The eight-month-old is gravely ill with liver failure in The Children's Hospital at Westmead. Doctors say she will certainly die if they cannot find a compatible organ.

Yvanna Cartilla is one of a handful of NSW babies younger than one who will require an organ transplant this year.

Doctors realised something was wrong with Yvanna when she was born extremely jaundiced. She had her first operation at six weeks, when a camera was inserted into her to examine her liver.

Specialists confirmed she had biliary atresia, a disease in which, for unknown reasons, the body begins to destroy its bile ducts, which digest food, and eventually destroys the liver as well.

The condition occurs in one in 10,000 to 15,000 live births in Australia every year, although a third of those can be successfully treated by a relatively straightforward surgery called a Kasai, which did not work in Yvanna's case.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/please-help-me-i-have-8-weeks-to-live/story-e6frfkvr-1226008841334#ixzz1ESpassVs

News such as this makes on re-examine how we live our lives. We are so lucky.

If I was the parent, I'll be torn as it will break my heart to see my child probed and poked with a needle but at the same time, I don't want to see her dying. I'm sure men's Black Diamond rings help little lustre to them unless it can save their daughter's life.

Cool Comfort

Sugar-free popsicles

Sugar-free popsicles come in a variety of flavours, with some containing as little as 30 calories, and most less than 100 calories. Keep these icy treats stored in your freezer for your next sugar craving.

It's 29 degrees now and the Tatapilla wants some ice cream. We have some in the freezer, fruit yogurt and vanilla. And our friend who sells commercial icecream is here and is sharing some of his trade. Im not really a fan but the Tatapilla likes shaved ice.

All the sweets, sugar and oil he's eating could make some adults resort to acne treatment creams. Thankfully his metabolism is really quick and he doesn't seem to be affected by it.

Early Taste

Your diet can affect what your baby likes to eat.
A new study at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the US has found that a pregnant or breastfeeding mother's diet can not only sensitise the foetus to particular smells and flavours, but also physically change their brain and impact on an infant's food preferences in the future. This study reinforces the importance of mothers eating a healthy diet and avoiding alcohol while pregnant or breastfeeding. If the mother eats a healthy diet, their child will prefer these foods.

Children will be more attracted to unhealthy foods and alcohol if their mother consumes them regularly. A baby's sense of smell can also change due to what their mothers eat, which can encourage them to enjoy different flavours. Exposure to odour or flavour in the womb will affect the child's preference but also shape how the brain's olfactory area, the area which processes smells, actually develops.

Lisa Guy is a naturopath and nutritionist who runs Sydney practice Art of Healing (www.artofhealing.com.au). She is the author of the book My Goodness and co-owner of The Happy Baby Clinic (www.thehappybabyclinic.com). Email lisa@artofhealing.com.au.

Based on experience, I believe this to be true. A child can interact from the womb and can certainly use some of the senses he has while inside the mother's womb. But then wouldn't it be a worry because when one is pregnant, she eats like a horse so there's the thing about fast diets that work for the child as tendency would be to eat too much.

Art Work

Your adventurer-to-be has been dreaming of far away lands ever since he was in the crib.

Before he officially starts rocking a leather jacket, fedora and bullwhip, bring the world to him with Putumayo‘s new World Culture Collection.

The company — known for their successful kid-friendly folk music CDs — is now adding art prints, coloring and sticker books and greeting cards to its repertoire.

First stop is Africa. Featuring the distinctive artwork of Nicola Heindl, the new collection features bold, richly-hued scenes from life on the lush continent.

Well, picture such as this really will perk up kids and their imagination. I know mine is very imaginative. Always making pretend stories and things except belly fat as he has those. :)

On Breastfeeding

MIRANDA Kerr has defended publishing her breastfeeding snap with baby Flynn.

The Aussie supermodel caused a stir when she posted the intimate picture taken by husband Orlando Bloom on her blog.

Kerr said she was happy to promote breastfeeding, and encouraged other mums not to be put off by stigmas about feeding babies in public.

"Honestly, I for one can say there are more breasts being shown on a daily basis around the world in swimwear and low-cut dresses and tops than there are from breast-feeding mums."

I know that breastfeeding is not for everyone but you can't really fault those who preach the word because I believe, we just want to share the benefits of breastfeeding - how easy it is for parents and for the child and how beneficial. Some mother give up the thought at all because they cant produce more breast milk, same thing happened to me but our family always believe on the law of supply and demand so we persevered and succeeded.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what the family can and want to happen.

Adult-like conversations

We were getting ready for the bath. I took the Tatapilla's shirt off then he asked me if he wants me to put his pants on his head, like a chef. :) I asked him what is a chef, he said, somebody who cook people dinner. So right.


I wasn't paying attention to him and he had told me twice to read his book. Finally he said, I sound like a broken record Mum. I asked why? Because you're not listening to me, he said.


The Tatapilla told me he had lipstick on this arvo. Asked him where he got it, from Sophie, he said.
Me: you know only girls wear lipstick.
Jens: but sharing is caring.


He was trying to open the blinds in our room this morning and when he succeeded, I told him he is really clever. He told me, you are so proud of me Mum. :)


You see, there is no dull moments when we're with him. He really amuses us so much. We can ask nothing from him. His development is really at a good pace without the help of pills but just all natural nutrients and vitamins.

13 February 2011

In the New Centre

The Tatapilla is showing excellent signs that he is enjoying his stay in the new centre. It's not really the new centre but just the sister kindy of his old one. Some of the kids in the old centre are there so it's like the usual routine.

It's just been 2 weeks and he's been bringing home stuff that they've made at school and been talking to me about what they've learned during the day. It's exciting.

Recently, they're learning french, tracing letters and numbers. Today, he showed me that he is able to write letter "a" and the initial of his first name. I'm ecstatic of this development. I know it's far from knowing what compression stockings are, but they are enough to make us all happy.


06 February 2011

Snippets of Conversation

Lately, the Tatapilla has really demonstrated maturity of an adult especially in conversations. An adult can carry a conversation with him like he's one already - well maybe if it's about area rug, then that would be out of the question.

I was eating toast for breakfast on the patio. I tossed the crust to the birds.

Tatapilla: Do you like the crust, Mum.

Me: No, I don’t.

Tatapilla: Me EITHER.


We were going out and I asked him to find his hat. It was on my desk.

Tatapilla: Here is it. I was wondering where it was!


The Tatapilla was singing in the bath “what are you thinking of” – from the air supply song.

Me: What are you singing?

Tatapilla: Michael Jackson song.

Me: No, it’s not. It’s air supply.

Tatapilla: What’s air supply?

Me: It’s a band.

Tatapila: What’s a band?

Me: A group of people playing music.

Tatapilla: and dancing, and MICHROPHONING.


He was taken to school late that day so he had his morning tea at home. While he was still
eating, Daddy called that it’s time to go.

Tatapilla: I’m still eating. I can’t do two things at the same time.


26 January 2011

Beach Time

We hit the beach for the second time this year. We're upholding the tradition that we have started since the Tatapilla was born - to go to the beach on Australia Day. Today was a perfect day. We met one of his friend's family and we had a ball albeit short.

There were parachuters at the beach and the last to hit the ground was pretty dramatic with huge flag in a crowded beach. I reckon, if hawkers were allowed, it was the perfect place to sell custom teen girl gifts.

20 January 2011

Comfy Pants

Living near water (a Billabong type) is not at fun all the times. When it rains expects mossies and sand flies a few days later. In the Christmas holidays, we were all holed-up at home with the rain everyday. Outdoor activities wasn't an option. Even with the security screen door, the pesky little bities can still get in.

The Tatapilla doesn't own many cotton pants and I have been looking for sometime now (only at chain stores). These comfy looking pants donned by the tots are just what I'm looking for. Sometimes, it's easy to look for stuff that can be found in naturaltestosterone.org than looking for clothes for little boys.


Little Worker

At the age of the Tatapilla, a little praise and proding do wonders. He's very cooperative and wants to help out most of the times. It's actually a struggle not to let him help rather than let him. Hanging the washing on the weekend is our family bonding. He hangs up little stuff on the peg hangers. Daddy provided a stand for him to be able to reach the hangers. Although, it takes a little bit longer for the task to finish (less time for me to search for diet pills for women that actually work), it is good training for him.