20 January 2011

Weekend Pleasures

It seems I have turned Tatapilla to be a shop-aholic. He likes going to the shops. But of course, there are so many attractions for young minds not to mention junk food.

Last Saturday was our schedule to go to the bank. We have to pass the horsie (and some business printing shops) and we didn't go past it without him asking if he can have a ride. Unfornately for him (fortunately for my pocket), we didn't have a 2 dollar coin. I promised him when we come back (it's on our way down the carpark as well). But we've been shopping and lunch and still no coin for the ride. What with me paying eftpos. :) Well, we have to asked the news agent to swap our 50 cents coin. He had lots of fun plus I didn't worry as the horse only cantered not galloped. :)