27 February 2011

BPA-Free Water Bottle

I'm not really a fussy mother. I'm not that neat freak either. But there are things for children that I have used that didn't meet my requirements. Take the water bottle with small opening that cleaning the inside is impossible. I have fallen victim to at least 3 of them and they are such a waste of money. I found out after a couple of months that the inside gets slippery and sort of mouldy but cleaning it is just next to impossible. Very frustrating and I don't want my child drinking water from bottle with slippery/mouldy insides. I have kept all those bottles - I'm not sure what to do with them yet. And I bought this one. The picture says it all.

There are other things that I have noticed but I can't really say about cigar humidor, as Mcj smokes and although, it is outside the house.. the window is open and we still get smoke inside the house. Oh well, you cant have everything, can you?


Unknown said...

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