20 February 2011

On Breastfeeding

MIRANDA Kerr has defended publishing her breastfeeding snap with baby Flynn.

The Aussie supermodel caused a stir when she posted the intimate picture taken by husband Orlando Bloom on her blog.

Kerr said she was happy to promote breastfeeding, and encouraged other mums not to be put off by stigmas about feeding babies in public.

"Honestly, I for one can say there are more breasts being shown on a daily basis around the world in swimwear and low-cut dresses and tops than there are from breast-feeding mums."

I know that breastfeeding is not for everyone but you can't really fault those who preach the word because I believe, we just want to share the benefits of breastfeeding - how easy it is for parents and for the child and how beneficial. Some mother give up the thought at all because they cant produce more breast milk, same thing happened to me but our family always believe on the law of supply and demand so we persevered and succeeded.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to what the family can and want to happen.