26 April 2011

The Easter Bunny

The commercialism of Easter (and all the other holidays) is very rampant here in Oz. Just like Christmas, things and food related to the holiday being celebrated.. are all over the shops, literally. But I suppose that's why the shops are in business. Because they make do of what's given to them or shall I say, of the tradition (it has become that overtime). The target market is mostly kids and of course, the ultimate victims are the parents especially those who can't say no to their kids, like us. So this easter, we succumb to the lure of the commercial items (no not the short term health insurance Blue Cross) but the easter bunny. This year is actually better as we didn't buy as much chocolate as the previous years. And we didn't eat them all at once. I have so many in the pantry that will last me another month or so.

It's all the novelty factor for a 3.5 year old boy, anyway.