26 April 2011

Redcliffe Sail Festival

It fell on Good Friday this year and we have learned our lesson from last year so we went there a little bit early. Yet, finding parking was still horrible. We had to go round and round, then ended up parking about half a km from the beach. That wasn't bad at all as the Tatapilla and I didn't walk back to the car. Just Daddy, lucky us.. we just waited on the sidewalk close to the beach for Mcj to pick us up.

I digress.

Anyway, the sail festival is the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yatch race. This year, it didn't start until 12 noon. We had a good look at the yatchs. There were also so many things for sale at the market.. from clothes to guitar, to stickers and jewellery (Mcj got me a pair). There was suppose to be lots of activities but we didn't get to it at all as the crowd was just massive. Walking on the footpath by the beach was a nightmare. It was like people were lining up for trophies. But the Tatapilla had ball at the beach. We didn't plan on him to play at the beach but it was the first attraction. A few minutes after we got there, he was already wet. We didn't take togs for him or towel so we made do with his jacket to dry him up. Good thing we brought him spare clothes. But the second time that he took a dip, he had to wear just his undies. Daddy said, they looked like speedo anyway. :)