03 April 2011

To The Duck Park

We planned on going to the duck park this weekend - preferrably Sunday. We told the Tatapilla on Friday night and it seems he can't sleep while waiting for sunday to come. Last night, he asked what time are we going.. and I said in the morning, referring to sunday morning. He said he wants dark time and he actually meant to go there last night. He had reasoned out that ducks close their eyes on day time and open their eyes on dark time. :) We prevented a big teary episode last night because we were not going.

This morning, right after he woke up, he asked when are we going. He was told this afternoon.... and we have to spell out the chronicles of events before it's 4PM. He is relentless.. like he is waiting for a payday advance. Lesson learned, when going to places that he likes.. plan it without telling him or we wouldn't hear the end of it until we've been there.