22 May 2011

Meaningful Conversations

... with the Tatapilla.

Sometimes, for an outsider the Tatapilla talking back to me is sort of disrespectful. Even for a Filipino culture or the 50s, I'd say. But I thought when I didn't have the Tatapilla yet that when I have a kid, I will allow him to say his peace. But joining free online dating is another matter altogether. :)

When jens was getting in to his car seat, he slipped.
Me: you should watch where you r going & what u r doing.
Jens: its the slippery boots.
Me: (forgot that i told him to put them on) you shouldnt wear them.
Jens: well, you told me to put them on.

I didnt have a comeback.


I gave jens chocolate pasalubong when i picked him up frm school with the strict instruction to save it for after dinner. I kept reminding him abt it in the car.
Jens: yes, i am.
.... A fee secs passed.
Jens: do u like my style?
Me: what style?
Jens: saving the choc for later.
Me: yes i do.

Little did he know, he just handed me an ammunition to make him do things. I just say "i like your style". :)


conversation with Jens over the phone:
me: hello bub. what are you doing?
jens: answering the phone. :)
jens: that's all mum. (my cue to end the phone call).
me: i love you.
jens: i love you. sweet dreams. :-) (I was at work).