05 June 2011

Funny Conversations

We drove past KFC and I made a comment that I want to eat something from there but since we are on the other side of the store, we didnt. The Tatapilla has been whining about it as we cruise along.

J: I want to eat KFC.
Me: What do you want to eat at KFC anyway?
J: KFC, of course.


We were talking about dinner and I suggested pizza.

Me: (talking to Mcj) we can have p-i-z-z-a on Tuesday. (spelling it as when the Tatapilla hears it he will want it right away)
J: Pizza?
Me: How do you know it's pizza.
J: Because I have good memory?

These days, he really manifests the "monkey see, monkey do" saying. Any word that we utter fires back to us. Mind you, it is also use in the right context.

He is growing up so fast that soon I'll have to worry blackhead remover. I hope not. For, I'll have to enjoy every moment while it last.