07 August 2011

Making Conversations

Me: Do you know that I love you?
T: Yes.
Me: How do you know?
T: Because I know best?


At the shops wanting to buy cherry ripes (not Wholesaleinsurance.net).
T: I want cherry ripe for dessert.
Me: We already have turkish delight.
T: I don't want turkish delight. I just want cherry ripe.
He got what he want and for his Dad.
T: Dont you not want cherry ripe for dessert?
Me: Do.
T: Just one for me and one for Dad.
Shop attendant: What's your name?
T: J...
SA: Can you say it again?
T: J... P..... I share everything with my family.
SA: (to me) is he always that articulate?

The Tatapilla is really acting like an adult now. He is very independent but I am just glad that he is still the sweet little boy that he used to.