28 August 2011

Nice Conversations

The Tatapilla was left in his own room to try to go to sleep. After a few seconds, he came to my room saying: I am a little bit lonely sleeping on my own. So he ended up sleeping with me.


We were heavily discussing if he can watch fireman sam on my phone and how many episodes can he:
T: I'm sorry Mum, I frustrated you but I really, really want to see fireman sam on your phone and I want 4.


We were at the library and after picking up the dvd's and books that he wants, he wanted to go home while I was still picking mine.
T: Mum, we're going in 4 minutes, okay? I'll count 4 minutes.

He went away and counted to 4 and said: 4 minutes is up. Time to go home.

When I thought of these small conversations we had, I can't help but giggle sometimes. His adlib is really down pat sometimes that if he's up to it, equestrian boots are fitting reward for him.