31 December 2011
Since we moved in our new house, the Tatapilla has been almost on top of the roll for sleeping in his own bed all on his own. It's a really big step in his independence. We've tried to get him to bed on his own in our old place but most of the times, it ended up in tears. What changed, you'd ask. It's the location of my room relative to his. You see, my roo is just across the hall. The light from my room shines to his and I don't turn off the light until he goes to sleep.

But it doesn't mean to say that he doesn't use tricks to sleep on our bed. He does, most of the nights and sometimes, I give in of course - I don't put eyelash growth serum for me not to be disturbed. But it's a move - one that we are all glad.

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20 December 2011
The Shift
.. Again, to another kindy. The Tatapilla has another year in kindy before going to prep and we decided that it is best that he meet new friends locally and then when he goes to big school, he has friends there. He is a very friendly and social kid, but knowing somebody at a new school is another story.

And so, we enrolled him to one of the kindies just at the end of our stree. It's a 3 minute drive or less. A plus. No need to recharge my personal duracell procell aa to get him when I'm home and plan to walk. He was a bit hesitant about it at first but we have conditioned his mind and now, he's up to it.

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07 December 2011
Everyone is excited to see this movie - in Oz at least. It was showing in the Philippines when we left, and it was silly of me not to have thought to watch it. And you bet, we won't let it pass. If we'll have time, we'll see it on the first weekend.

It will be the first for the Tatapilla in 3D movie. How exciting, right?

Oh, Mackers are not having the toys for their happy meals yet. Why oh why. It's always late here - movies, fashion, I wonder if it's the same with motorhome insurance. Hope not.

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What for Pressies?
What do you give a boy who you think has everything that he needs? I'm sure if you ask him he has a very long list. But then, we don't want him to be so caught up with the commercialism of the Christmas here, which it has been downgraded to that in almos all over the world. (A sad thing).

I'm finished with my Christmas shopping. We're not spending much, just some bits and pieces that will cheer those little persons.

Has anyone thought of giving funny t shirts? I have and I'll get some if I can find holes in my budget.
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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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