19 November 2011
The Pretend Thing

As every mother knows, the hardest thing to do is to get your breastfeeding baby to take a bottle.

So, mimijumi has created the Very Hungry ($15) and Not So Hungry ($14) collection for those bottle picky tots.

Designed to mimic the shape and feel of a natural feeding, the BPA- and phthalates-free silicon nipple won’t express milk until the baby fully latches on.

Plus, the wide nylon container is easy to clean and easy to fill up.

To learn more about or to buy this cool bottle, go to mimijumi.com.

The Tatapilla would call it that. Though, he was not taken into bottle feeding. He was breast-fed and when he was 1, he just started drinking from sippy cups. But this is close to the real thing so babies will not have that withdrawal symptoms. So yeah, Mums can go back to their office name plates or any other jobs.
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There are two kindy's close to our new home - one is following the curriculum of the Qld Education and has been recommended by our agent. We are planning to put the Tatapilla there. I've been prepping him up about it and at this point, I am getting negative feedback. He's best mate in his current kindy reduced his attendance to three days and they only get to see in two of those. That really upsets him so the plan to move is being affected. Hopefully a change of mind will happen soon as it is going to be beneficial for all parties involve as it is really very very close to home (much like the acceptance of black and milds). Crossing my fingers here until Christmas.
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13 November 2011
Games and Imagination
The Tatapilla has so many cousins to play with in the Philippines. Playmate wasn't a problem. He is used to have many friends and playmate in school but it is a different story at home. When we got back from our holidays, I thought, he'll have a shock with the transition of plenty of playmates to none. But I was wrong. There wasn't any transition at all. He was back to his old self. His imagination kicked in automatically to play by himself. He doesn't need toys to amuse himself. He can invent and pretend games and toys from something that he likes. Hopefully, he can use his skills in his adult like to pursue life changing careers like Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs.

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Teaching them to Save
I personally believe that teaching kids to save or spend money at an early, has a big impact when they grow up. It is important to teach our kids the value that we want to them acquire regarding money at an early age.

We are not perfect parents but we do our part in teaching the Tatapilla to save money with some silver dollars and gold as well. We opened a bank account for him almost 2 years ago and we've been teaching him to fill his platybank. We go to the bank every month when we can to deposit the money. He is a spender with things that he likes but at the same time, get joys in putting his money aside.

Parents are the key

As with almost every other area of childhood development, parents are the most significant influencers of their offspring's future financial behaviour.

Research from the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Arizona has found that invariably kids inherit their financial sense from mum and dad. The study discovered parents who intentionally taught their children about financial management exerted a greater influence on a child's financial knowledge than lessons learned in school and the workplace combined. Davies agrees and says she would like to see parents flash cash rather than cards.

"Kids will learn more from actually seeing a cash transaction take place," she says. "Before going shopping, take out some cash and explain to the kids that this is as much as you will be spending. Then let them see you hand over the cash and receive your change.

"For older kids, at the start of school holidays, for example, let them earn some cash to pay for things they want to do and then let them be responsible for making choices on how they plan to spend their money. They will learn they can't do everything."

From bodyandsoul.com.au

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The making of a beautiful little boy to a BIG GUY that will melt a million hearts. :)

...a new word created by Dad (and Mum) to describe their BIG GUY who moves backward with his head when lying on his back - sort of like a caterpillar. Photobucket

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