Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

18 November 2012

Snow snow snow

This is actually what the Tatapilla wants. I am not sure if this is a credible personality test as he just likes snow. Would we need labadorite here? I don't want to find out as yet.
You Are Action Oriented
You tend to act on impulse. You don't see much advantage to trying to think things through.
You can't stand to be stagnant. You rather be wandering aimlessly than standing still.

You have a fun personality, and you find it easy to get energized about almost anything.
You are quick to respond to everyone. You've got a comeback for anything!

Any Volunteer?

HO ho no! The festive season is facing its biggest crisis with a lack of Santas to stack the sacks in shopping store grottos across the state. The situation is so critical - especially in country towns - that a Mr Claus recruitment agency is signing up older teens to fulfil the Christmas wishes of every young child. "A lot of people believe it is a job only for a fat old man, but that's not the case," National Santa project manager for Bluestone Recruitment, Alan Ellis said. "We are calling on 19-year-olds and upwards. When you get them dressed up in their costumes, you wouldn't know their age. "You don't have to be fat because we will give you an artificial belly and we also give them an eyebrow-whitening pencil. "We need around 600 Santas this year, but we only have 300. We desperately need Santas for Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, the Blue Mountains and Dubbo." Mark Smithers, 28, said age is no barrier when it comes to being a good Santa and helping deliver Christmas to children. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/ho-ho-no-santa-shortage-critical/story-fneszs56-1226518630946#ixzz2CXCYeEU2
Any takers? I'm sure it'll be fun. It's community service despite the sweating in the suit as this summer has been predicted to be hot. Would they have some incentive (something like Iolo disk defragmenter) or is it asking too much?


It's hard to know how much is enough for a growing child. Sometimes, we want our kids to each as much as we can but there's a thin line between that and over feeding them. But I reckon, mother's instinct is still the best but as we live a very harried and hurried life, it is waning - more like our linear bearings are decreasing. Here's some input from bodyandsoul.com.au:
What’s a healthy weight? After the age of six months, plotting children’s weight and height in the health record book provided with their birth can give parents a fair idea of how their growth is tracking, says Dietitians Association of Australia spokeswoman Kate Di Prima. “If they are gaining weight proportionately, this is a healthy sign,” Di Prima says. She says if at six months your child is on, say, the 25th percentile line (that is, weighing under the average) and continues to track along this line, it is likely your child is gaining weight proportionately. “If parents are concerned, they could also check their child’s BMI and discuss it with a dietitian or their doctor or health nurse.” For older kids, she says clothes size is a good indication of their weight. “If they’re eight years old and the height of an eight-year old but wearing size 12, this could flag an issue with weight. Again, talk about this with the appropriate health professional.”

07 October 2012

Parenting Tips

You can hear or read in the news that problem with kids ranges from bad to worse. There are many factors not just the parenting type but parents I do believe plays a very vital role in the behaviour of kids. Here are some tips for bodyandsoul.com.au:
5 tips on discipline Tell your child what to do rather than what not to do – for example, “Walk in the house” not “Don’t run in the house”. Ensure kids understand the consequences for breaking the rules, which should be fair and age appropriate. Act quickly when children misbehave. The consequences need to relate to the behaviour so follow through immediately. Stay calm and tell your child in a firm, pleasant voice what you want them to do. Praise your child when they behave well.
I am sure there are many more like rewarding them with equestrian apparel, if they are into it or whatever floats your boat. If you are seeing good results, it must be effective so keep it up. For me, there are no sets of rules, each of us and the kids have our own circumstances. It should be rigid.

Beating Grunting

According to studies, bowel problem is common to school kids due to their diet. Based on the article in bodyandsoul.com.au, it's not hard to feed kids with fiber punch food. I am largely talking about my kid but these food are all time favourite, I reckon. And if kids dislike them, there's always a first time for everything (like find Navy coins) and just like adults, we need to get used to them.
Packing a fibre punch Baked beans (1/2 cup) = 7g Green peas (1/2 cup) = 5g Pear (average size) = 4g Raspberries (1 cup) = 8g Wholemeal pasta (1/2 cup) = 4g White pasta (1/2 cup) = less than 1g Wholemeal/rye bread (one slice) = 2g White bread (one slice) = less than 1g


I can't remember singing lullaby to the Tatapilla when he was a baby. He normally goes to sleep when there is no noise at all. Plus, I don't really know any songs that might help him go to sleep other than those jolly ones. Knowing him, it'll just encourage him to stay awake and play. As he is growing, he likes singing himself to sleep. One night this week, he asked me to sing him to sleep. I wanted to sing a tagalog song but I only know jolly ones as well. After one song, I started humming instead. After a couple of minutes, I was told to stop so he can sleep, funny that. Maybe Rane dj mixers at musicians friend will do a better job than me.

My Little House Helper

When we were at the shops, he wanted lots of treats. We made a deal that he can only have them if he will brush his peggies after eating and if he deserves them. And so, it started the helping hands campaign. He's been cleaning up and because he likes water, which I presume he will welcome water fountains indoor, doing all the chores that include water.
Plus, I reckon, this is a good training for him to be self sufficient when he grows into an adult.

10 September 2012

Middle Child

No were are not going to have 3 to have a middle child. I just want to feature this article that I read. I have always believed that a middle child has a distinct characteristics and they are good, most of them anyway. For once, they are strong and very independent. This is from bodyandsoul.com.au. Quite interesting and I believe in them. Yes, despite being sandwiched.. a middle child gets better in time.. just like wine (along with wine supplies, I hope).
Is a "middleton" doomed to face life-long personality issues, or is their birth order actually a springboard to success? Did you know? More than half of all US presidents have been middle children. Other famous middle borns include Bill Gates, Tony Blair, Madonna and Princess Diana. In 2004 Australians were urged by then Federal Treasure Peter Costello to have three kids to boost the country's birth rate. Today those families who obeyed may well be facing the consequences of their patriotism – middle child syndrome. According to the "science" of birth order, being sandwiched between an over-achieving, responsible elder sibling and an indulged youngest child is the cause of all sorts of personality issues and even disorders. It has been labelled a "syndrome". A way to stand out Being affected by your order of birth is inevitable and unavoidable, says Melbourne psychologist Andrew Fuller, whose book Tricky Kids (Finch Publishing) tends to focus on middle-born offspring. "Second-born children arrive with one spot in the family already firmly filled by the bossy and responsible eldest child. This second child, who may go on to be the middle child, needs to find another way to stand out in the family," Fuller says. "And sometimes that can mean they might be more trying or difficult for their parents to understand."

18 August 2012

Extra Curricular Activities

This year, the Tatapilla has no extra-curricular activities as we were really busy with the moving and settling in our new house. Plus, he is in the new kindy place so he has his own settling and mingling to do in the new school. At this stage, he also has varying and shifting interest. One minute, music the next dancing so it's hart to know. When ask sometimes, he is into swimming. I reckon, we'll know when he goes into big school where they are encouraged to pursue their special interest. He might interested in jupiter flutes woodwind brasswind. We talked of sending him to learn keyboard or any musical instrument.

Prep 2012

We have booked the Tatapilla for an interview for his admission on Prep 2012. We have been really looking forward to it. I even ring the school for their schedule early this year. We reckon, the Tatapilla is good and ready for the prep class. The kindy has prepared portfolio for kids' progress and we can borrow it for the interview. The compilation is huge that it'll be like mens briefcase from gotbriefcases.com. This is a big step but everyone in the family is ready.

First Fish

It was holiday in Brissie last Wednesday so instead of having a wii game, we head out to fish. It was our first as a family. A very exciting activity for the Tatapilla. We didn't take the boat so it was all river bank fishing. Exciting nonetheless. Mcj and I were all into the Tatapilla catching his first fish. He has new equipment and all so it was a good start.

07 August 2012

Sand Bucket List

Kidspot's website has com up with the collection of 23 things to do while your kid or children are still young. Some of them you can do at home and does not require too much effort, some requires a lot of money to spend. Nonetheless, they are indeed worth doing while the kids are young and can enjoy them with you.
Find an organic ‘pick your own’ farm and set the family loose for the day. Good, clean fun and even more fun preserving and baking your 'catch of the day'.
Of the list, we have done some of them and this is what I really want to do with my little boy. Not really the berry but whatever fruit that some farmers allow picking before he gets interested with dave grohl. There are many in the list and I will try to do some of them.

08 July 2012

Life without Facebook

not for the Tatapilla but for me. Mind you I still check my facebook updates from friends and fave celebs but I have not been updating my status. I have communicated with my sister through it but nothing much these days. Not because I have nothing to put because as I have gotten used to broadcasting some stuff online before, I have this feeling sometimes that hey, I'll take a photo of that to share. But, I immediately dampen it. There are several reasons why I have not been so actively online and I'd rather not share it. At this stage, I believe that not being active on social network is really good for me. I am not at the point of deleting my account yet but I might have to delete my photos, not because I have some stuff like Funeral planning worksheet in there but I just feel like it. I need to find time to do it.


The Tatapilla is into cooking these days. He's been requesting pancakes for breakfast on weekends which I indulge him for two consecutive weekeneds. He's been helping so we bought special tools in cooking. He likes sifting the flour and beating the batter. Today, we made a simple choc-chip cookies and he helped sift the flour and roll-up the dough. I bought his apron ages ago and it has been put into good use these days. I just hope that he will keep-up with this new found interest of his. Who knows, he might be furthering this fields before he tries on that scott kay mens outfit. That's be ages ahead, I reckon.


... birthday, that is. How fast the time flies. It's so quick. I can seem to vividly remember they day that I was in labour. This year, we are not going to have a party. A family celebration is enough. We might see his favourite movie, have cakes and cupcakes and a special dinner. What's most important are the presents. We've already bought him some and they are sitting in the cupboards in the shed so he will not see them. They are all some of the things that he wants - no jewelry online or shall I say, blings bought online. Just his favourite superhero custome and accessories and some educational stuff. I plan to make this one different and I hope it will be.

Getting Used

Last week, I was away for 3 nights due to out of town work. It was not the first time but these business trips do not come too often so it's not something that we should be used to or something that should bother our family time. But saying all that, The Tatapilla is actuall getting accustomed to me being away. Before, there was a countdown of when they are going to pick me up from the airport or train station. Mcj and the Tatapilla has bonded together that they manage on their own. I don't leave schedule or how would they do things - they make their own. They seem to be getting on pretty well and no complaints really. I leave them be - but I reckon, they bond on music, superheroes stuff and many others (can I say checking out pedestal bathtub online?) I won't mind though our bath is not really in need of replacement.

Spider Man Phase

With the upcoming movie The Amazing Superman, the telly is inundated with spidey series and of course, the Tatapilla won't let them passed without seeing them. Actually, last night was a huge drama as there were lots of sports telecast going on and at the same time, spidey 2 was on. I told him that we are recording it but he said, you can't watch it over and over when you record it. You have to tape it. I told him that recording and taping are the same. At last he went to sleep not upset about it. And guess what? The moment he woke up, he was on it. Today, he went to the shops in his old spider man outfit and he got the looks from others of course - which he was so proud. With the hype, really going to art supply store is not on his priority these days. It's the crawling and jumping.

10 June 2012


Nature versus nurture Dr Louis Franzini, US author of Kids Who Laugh: How To Develop Your Child's Sense Of Humour (Square One), does not believe having a funny bone is inherent. "No-one is born with a great sense of humour, a poor sense of humour or even no sense of humour. "A sense of humour is learned, just like most other skills we possess. Parents are the most important influences on their children's personalities. When a child's humour development is encouraged – that is, praised and appreciated by the world – it will flourish," he says. Dr Paul McGhee, a US guru on humour who has spent more than 20 years researching it, puts less pressure on mums and dads, claiming that even the offspring of the most sombre and grave parents will develop a sense of the ridiculous. "Having said that, parents can play an important role in nurturing their child's sense of humour as it moves from one stage to the next. The key is modelling humour yourself, particularly at a child's level, and being able to laugh along at your child's efforts at humour.
The parents should also have a good sense of humour in order for the kids to acquire this skill. But it is not rocket science so it should be common like toner & ink cartridges. I just hope the Tatapilla has some of it by now.

03 June 2012

On Sports

This news on parents on sports is really good. Indeed parents play a very important role in the development and success of sports at school and eventually in greater Australia. For me, being a parent is not all about regulating the useplaystation portable, disciplining, loving and letting our kids be happy. It's much more and really, sky is the limit.
Parents form the backbone of junior sport: coaching, managing and helping out on the field and in the club. While their role is invaluable, every parent whose child plays in a team has an important part to play because the way kids act on the field can be a mirror image of how their parents act on the sidelines. In a bid to emphasise this message, many sporting codes and associations ask parents to sign a "good behaviour" oath at the start of the season, and coaches (most of whom are mums and dads volunteering their time) now hold pre-season briefing sessions for parents, outlining their coaching philosophy, expectations of parents and hopes for the season ahead. Cultivating a love of sport All of this is happening in junior sport now because it is recognised that whether kids enjoy playing sport in a team, and continue throughout their junior years, is heavily influenced by how their parents act, says Paul Oliver, national manager of Play By The Rules, an online resource providing support and information on community and club sport. "Children play sport to have fun and be with their friends," he says. "Whether they win or lose is not important at this stage, and should not be anyone's focus, including the parents'." While this can all sound a bit like a politically correct "everyone's a winner" philosophy, the fact is we want our kids to play sport, join in a team and be happy to take part for a variety of proven physical and mental health benefits. If parents are screeching less than constructive criticism at the kids or arguing with umpires' decisions, the likelihood of kids continuing to want to play reduces, Oliver says.

Super Hero Phase

The Tatapilla is now on the superhero phase. I am not really sure if he's early for it or otherwise. Yes, in some shows there are extensive animated violence but we are just there to tell him what is good and bad. It might have started with the Iron Man. Recently we saw The Avengers in 3D and he quite enjoyed it. The telly has been inundated with superhero shows on weekend. I just hope that everything that he gets from watching these fantasies he can use later in his adult life. I suppose anything that will make him happy will make us happy as well - including wendys job application.

13 May 2012

Another Random Conversation

While brushing peggies, we talk about day offs. T: I get 3 days off. Mum, you only have 2 days off. Me: Yes, you are lucky. T: You wish you are a kid, don't you? Me: Yes, I do. T: You should have not eaten your veggies. ***** I went to his school to spend sometime leading to Mother's day. I watched him play with playdough and eventually, we coloured a Mother's day card. Just before leaving, he toured me around the room - pointing to things, etc. Then we got to the corner where there were cushions. T: That's blah and blah's naughty corner. Me: Have you been in there? T: Why would I? ***** While writing this post, I am listening to my one-and-a-half men making a racket in the bathroom. Mcj is directing the Tatapilla in the shower what to wash, how and where (directing not in metal buildings). Mcj is holding the shower head and T would screen, too hottie, too coldie.

23 April 2012

Visit to the Retirement Village

I got home one evening to hear the news that the Tatapilla visited a retirement village along with his classmates and teachers to perform (specifically sing) to the people there. I have been hearing from him that they're going to have a performance but I have checked their calendar and there's nothing there for that activity. But Mcj said that he was told the day before to take Tatapilla to school before 9AM. Apparently, he sings the loudest and from what I gathered he memorises the songs. They performed two songs, waltzing matilda and home among the gum trees. I am not sure if they relate to blueridge but I reckon, for his age he is doing very fine. He likes singing.

Instant Fiends

The Tatapilla is a very sociable creature. He doesn't have problem talking to anybody, adults or kids. People that he doesn't know personally are like best friends to him when he talks to them on the phone. We went biking at the park one time and there are kids there. He parked his bike and was approaching the other kids when we stopped to ask him if he knows them. He said, I saw them today which is at that moment. We were at the beach the other day and there's this kid his age, an only child it seems and they just hit it off. It's not like adults that have to sit over packets after packets of opus x cigars to befriend others. He doesn't think of any barriers at all. In his eyes, all are similar.

Iron Man 2

Since we don't go out at night except for going or getting dinner, we watch movies. We can hire unlimited DVD's for 20$ so it really suits us fine. The choice are really not fantastic but there are many movies that we have not seen yet. And so the most favourite is of course, Iron Man 2. In less than 24 hours, we've seen it 3 times. One in the afternoon after we got back from the beach, one at night before going to sleep and one in the morning when we wake up. And after all the time of seeing it, we're still hooked even on the third time. I reckon, even if we don't have blue-ray player here, we can use vlc player just to see it in the lappy. Apparently, it will go down as the most favourite movie of all time.

Compassionate Children

Compassion is s trait that makes kids better people. I reckon, sympathy and empathy starts from compassionate feeling. Instilling this value to kids is simple. Here are some tips from bodyandsoul.com.au.
Come up with some ideas as a family that makes someone else or others who needs it feel happy – and it doesn't have to be a charity. It could be as simple as taking an elderly relative out for a cup of tea and some conversation. Talk about feelings together. Come up with scenarios and ask your kids how that might make them feel. Help them boost their feelings vocabulary. You can even do this while reading books or looking at pictures of faces in magazines. Make a plan as a family to do something that has a broader community or even global impact. This could be sponsoring a child in need, lessening your family's carbon footprint or volunteering for a cause. See then discuss a movie in which people help others. "This is a fun and entertaining way to teach compassion because kids love movies," Dr Tucci says, adding that he and his son even managed to have such a discussion after watching Transformers recently.
Recognise acts of kindness undertaken by your child. For example if you see your child sharing their toys or food, call attention to the act and talk about how that act made everyone feel as well as what the feelings could have been if the act of kindness hadn't happened. There are many ways that these tips can be practiced. Going to commercial playground equipment and meeting strangers or going to the beach and meeting new people.

04 April 2012

The List

Since last year, a few months after his birthday, the Tatapilla has been making a list of presents that he wants for his 5th birthday. And the list is:

1. DS - so I am familiarising myself with the type of DS there is and the suitable games that he can play.
2. Iron man suit - just a pretend one of course, no sheet metal gauges.
3. Batman suit
4. Spider man suite - he just grew out on one.
5. A motorbike. I asked him if he wants a real one, he said, just a pretend one. Fair enough.

I told him that next year he is going to the big school and he will be wearing uniforms. The superhero suits will not be on display - they are somewhat out of the list. Just this weekend, we bought him an iron man hoodie. So maybe, those suits will just be replaced by shirts of hoodies.



I am very proud of my one-and-a-half men. They have created a routine of going to school and getting home by riding their bikes, except on rainy days that is. They ride their bikes in the morning and the Tatapilla's bike stay at school so he can ride it again to home.

One afternoon, they were not home yet when I got back from work. I walked to meet them and they were just good tandem. The Tatapilla is learning a lot of things from his dad especially road safety, that is, dismount when crossing the roads. This knowledge and skill is really important for when he does to big school. I am so proud of Daddy that giving him personalised gift, if he is into it, is not enough to show it (may it be personalized gifts to show your sympathy, appreciation, love, etc).

Today, the Tatapilla for the first time tried to ride his bike without the training wheels. It was not a vavaboom exercise but he is getting the concept why. He just needs to be pushed harder.


Latest Conversations

In depth conversations always happen when we are in bed trying to fall asleep.

T: Are you and dad married?
T: Why?
M: Why not?
..it is followed by silence so I thought, I'll pursue the conversation.
M: What does married means?
T: It means you are inlove and you like each other. Then you become wife and husband.

Imagine those words coming out of the mouth of a 4 years and 9 months old boy. I told his Dad about it and he asked, where did he get it? I am stumped myself. Regardless, he is getting a good idea of adult life now.

Tonight, 04/04/2012:
He was holding his iggle piggle toy with his blanket. He told me that it is his pretend brother. I asked, do you like a brother? He said, yes but a real one.

If only, kids are like swimming pool pumps, easy to procure and less maintenance. I don't see kids as work, they should be job - something you love doing/looking after. But we just go with the flow and let God do his will.


23 March 2012

The Youngest

Among the cousins of nine, that is. I am just glad that my sister's friends took some photos recently of my nephews and nieces back home. Nabulong man ang hidlaw ko.

Anyway, the Tatapilla is quite happy looking at the photos online. He seems to miss them all so it's a nice way of reminding him about them. Being an only child, I don't feel that he misses playmate as we are all his playmate around the house but I believe it's the comfort of knowing that he has cousins even if he doesn't know what really cousins are. As far as he is concered, they are relatives, someone to share steel rings or to grizzle to.


04 March 2012

Narnia - Dawn Treader

On weekends, we have made it a habit to watch a movie - sometimes early Sunday morning. And this weekend, it's the third adventure on Narnia. The Tatapilla liked it though, it take him sometime to catch up on what's happening.

We have resolved that we'll buy the DVD's for this as it's a quite good collection. Everyone was hooked.

Oh, I know that the apidextra review has to be done so enough of this blabbering.


Baking Again

Today, after a long time, we baked cookies again. I liked the cookies that my workmate brought to work that I asked for the recipe. It's been over two or three months but finally, I tried it.

The Tatapilla at first, didn't one want to participate - because he was eating ice cream, what else is more exciting? But when it came to beating and licking the spoon and the beater, he was interested. The whole family pitched in.

The Tatapilla can't even wait for it to cook. He had two when they cooled down. I'd say they were quite yummy if I didn't burn the base. Not because I was busy on the vlc free download but I thought they were not cooked yet as they were not golden so I left them 5 minutes too long in the oven. Oh well, they're liked.


Age Gap

I read this article about the big questions that most parents ask. What is the ideal age gap between sibs? There are different answers of course depending on anyone's point of view. The article suggests that based on studies, it is 20 months. The mother has to get pregnant while the first child is on his 11 months.

I strongly disagree on this. There are so many factors. The mother's health, the well being of the first child and the second child as well. If money is not a matter, I still reckon it is too early. The first child needs a lot of attention at that stage and comprehension as to why he is not getting it is too far beyond. More so with the 2nd child. It will be so hard to balance between the two.

I reckon, it is out of the question if money will be considered that the Mum wouldn't even find the time to enjoy shopping womens sandals once in a while.

But at the end of the day, to each her/his own. I just hope that everyone's welfare is considered.

26 February 2012

The Latest

Bedtime conversation
T: I have one question (although, it is not).
Me: Okay.
T: Lucky (our cat)sleeps in the morning and is awake at night.
Me: Do you want to be like Lucky? (thinking that he likes to stay up late)
T: No, I'm not a cat.
Me: Why not?
T: Because the light from the sun keeps me awake.
Me: Then you cant be a cat.
T: Plus I'm a person.

Very entertaining conversation.


Last week, I got to pick him up early from school and was able to talk to one of his teachers. Just to catch up. I was told that he is at the top of his class. That day, they watch a movie and then were asked what they can remember and some of his friends just made up stories about it. The Tatapilla told him if they were just making it up. I was told he is so switched-on and loves to talk. The teacher can have ten of him in her class. Plus he is well behaved.

I'm so pleased.

We had some alone time together last Saturday doing some shopping and library visit. At the library we did a bit of colouring. There was a movie so I left him watching while I browse around for some books. When it was time to leave, I approached him and he was so well behaved - didn't even complain that the movie isn't finished yet.

At the shops, there were toys that he likes but I told him that he had plenty and we only buy what we need. No complaints at all. At the food shops, we bought him some treats which he really appreciates. No Dunlop Strings to insist for. Just pure old junk food. :)


Good Food

There's a stage in one's life especially toddlers that good food are not acceptable. It's hard being a parent because you know what's good for your child yet you don't want to have any battle and struggle between you and your child. One has to have tricks.

I have learned that exposing The Tatapilla to sports and superhero themed movies will encourage him to eat good food. He aspires to be all of them and the trick is to eat good food, have rest, exercise and sleep.

But here's a tip from bodyandsoul.com.au.

Stay calm

Toddlers will do almost anything to get a reaction out of people. Next time they fling food on the ceiling or straight out refuse it, walk away. Count to 10, take a deep breath and try again. Be consistent and calm in your nonchalant approach, and the drama, for the most part, will stop.
Sneaky tactics

Stashing vegetables in meals is a constant game of hide and seek for fussy kids who only eat finger food. Try adding grated carrot to meatballs, zucchini to frittatas, mushy peas to sandwiches, spinach to lasagne, avocado to wraps or roast some potato and pumpkin wedges.
Fussy phase

Most toddlers go through a stage of eating limited favourites. As long as they are not terribly unhealthy choices, you have nothing to worry about. It's only a phase; it will pass. To encourage an adventurous palate, try harmless peer pressure and invite other toddlers around for lunch.
Stick to one meal

When picky kids are offered a second meal because they hardly touched the first, they might get clever and try it every time. This is not only exhausting, but mostly unnecessary. Offer one meal you know they will like and when they have had enough, offer some fruit.

One sometimes resort to bribery but it doesn't have to be American silver eagles. Sometimes, I have to feed him and most of the time.. playing and having fun works too.


12 February 2012

Early Bedtime

This is from bodyandsoul.com.au.
The proverb, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" seems to have some scientific merit for kids.

Studies into children and sleep are piling up and the latest suggests it's not only how much sleep they get that matters but also what time they go to bed.

It seems sleep is one of the most important parts of a child's general wellbeing.

The latest University of South Australia study on sleep times found children who go to bed earlier are less likely to be obese than those who stay up late

This indeed is true. I reckon the same go with adults. I am sure everyone noticed that when they didn't sleep good at night, they don't function as they do when a good night sleep occured.

Time is of the essence as well. As a parent, you are aware and have a fairly good idea when is your child tired and when that sleep is needed. But sometimes, they are not met due to circumstances - like putting up that teak wood patio furniture that everyone is excited about.

This is also a reminder for me although I am very much aware of it. The Tatapilla is active like an adult because he always evades sleep.

27 January 2012

Big Brother Phase

The Tatapilla is in a big brother phase. It would really be interesting to see if he has a little sister or brother to practice on. But that's another story.

Anyway, he has lots of stuffed toys and there's one blue bear that he favours. I can't remember buying it, must be a hand-me-down. But he likes it so much that he carries it with him around the house. He plays the big brother like looking after it, changing the nappy - pretend of course and just being the protective big brother. Just this morning, I saw the bear at the kitchen on the floor so I threw it at him in the lounge and I was told off during breakfast that just because I saw it in the floor it doesn't mean that I can throw it at him. The bear could get hurt. I didn't have an excuse for my abominable behaviour, really.

On another note, I read this letter from a Dad asking for advise for getting his kids (teenager) to do work around the house and I am just horrified. I haven't lived here long enough to really know how the parents should treat their children but I am not concern of that anyway. I rear Jens how I was brought-up regardless. But, I reckon as parents we need to teach our children young because they will be as adults what we teach them when they are in their formative years. There are so many things to teach our kids, like being kind to nature (and maybe use composters), being empathetic to others and just being a nice individual.

03 January 2012

New School

Today, the Tatapilla started on a new school. Still kindy or should I say pre-prep but a little bit different from the previous. We don't have any complaints on the previous, as a matter of fact, we will recommend it to anybody. The reason for the move is because of our moving to the area permanently. This is the 3rd school that he has been on. Hopefully, this is the last until he gets to prep. One big plus on this shift is the distance from home. Imagine taking you kid to school for just 2 minutes from your home? We can walk if the weather is nice or the Tatapilla can ride his bike.

The big consideration for shifting kindy is the kind of school and how is it run. He's moved before but it was so short and not so sweet. We want the best for our kid in preparation for his future ( which could involve Obstetrician & Gynecologist Jobs - it doesn't really matter). Plus, we want him to be happy. At the end of the day, that's the biggest factor.