27 January 2012

Big Brother Phase

The Tatapilla is in a big brother phase. It would really be interesting to see if he has a little sister or brother to practice on. But that's another story.

Anyway, he has lots of stuffed toys and there's one blue bear that he favours. I can't remember buying it, must be a hand-me-down. But he likes it so much that he carries it with him around the house. He plays the big brother like looking after it, changing the nappy - pretend of course and just being the protective big brother. Just this morning, I saw the bear at the kitchen on the floor so I threw it at him in the lounge and I was told off during breakfast that just because I saw it in the floor it doesn't mean that I can throw it at him. The bear could get hurt. I didn't have an excuse for my abominable behaviour, really.

On another note, I read this letter from a Dad asking for advise for getting his kids (teenager) to do work around the house and I am just horrified. I haven't lived here long enough to really know how the parents should treat their children but I am not concern of that anyway. I rear Jens how I was brought-up regardless. But, I reckon as parents we need to teach our children young because they will be as adults what we teach them when they are in their formative years. There are so many things to teach our kids, like being kind to nature (and maybe use composters), being empathetic to others and just being a nice individual.