26 February 2012
Good Food
There's a stage in one's life especially toddlers that good food are not acceptable. It's hard being a parent because you know what's good for your child yet you don't want to have any battle and struggle between you and your child. One has to have tricks.

I have learned that exposing The Tatapilla to sports and superhero themed movies will encourage him to eat good food. He aspires to be all of them and the trick is to eat good food, have rest, exercise and sleep.

But here's a tip from bodyandsoul.com.au.

Stay calm

Toddlers will do almost anything to get a reaction out of people. Next time they fling food on the ceiling or straight out refuse it, walk away. Count to 10, take a deep breath and try again. Be consistent and calm in your nonchalant approach, and the drama, for the most part, will stop.
Sneaky tactics

Stashing vegetables in meals is a constant game of hide and seek for fussy kids who only eat finger food. Try adding grated carrot to meatballs, zucchini to frittatas, mushy peas to sandwiches, spinach to lasagne, avocado to wraps or roast some potato and pumpkin wedges.
Fussy phase

Most toddlers go through a stage of eating limited favourites. As long as they are not terribly unhealthy choices, you have nothing to worry about. It's only a phase; it will pass. To encourage an adventurous palate, try harmless peer pressure and invite other toddlers around for lunch.
Stick to one meal

When picky kids are offered a second meal because they hardly touched the first, they might get clever and try it every time. This is not only exhausting, but mostly unnecessary. Offer one meal you know they will like and when they have had enough, offer some fruit.

One sometimes resort to bribery but it doesn't have to be American silver eagles. Sometimes, I have to feed him and most of the time.. playing and having fun works too.

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