26 February 2012

The Latest

Bedtime conversation
T: I have one question (although, it is not).
Me: Okay.
T: Lucky (our cat)sleeps in the morning and is awake at night.
Me: Do you want to be like Lucky? (thinking that he likes to stay up late)
T: No, I'm not a cat.
Me: Why not?
T: Because the light from the sun keeps me awake.
Me: Then you cant be a cat.
T: Plus I'm a person.

Very entertaining conversation.


Last week, I got to pick him up early from school and was able to talk to one of his teachers. Just to catch up. I was told that he is at the top of his class. That day, they watch a movie and then were asked what they can remember and some of his friends just made up stories about it. The Tatapilla told him if they were just making it up. I was told he is so switched-on and loves to talk. The teacher can have ten of him in her class. Plus he is well behaved.

I'm so pleased.

We had some alone time together last Saturday doing some shopping and library visit. At the library we did a bit of colouring. There was a movie so I left him watching while I browse around for some books. When it was time to leave, I approached him and he was so well behaved - didn't even complain that the movie isn't finished yet.

At the shops, there were toys that he likes but I told him that he had plenty and we only buy what we need. No complaints at all. At the food shops, we bought him some treats which he really appreciates. No Dunlop Strings to insist for. Just pure old junk food. :)