04 March 2012

Age Gap

I read this article about the big questions that most parents ask. What is the ideal age gap between sibs? There are different answers of course depending on anyone's point of view. The article suggests that based on studies, it is 20 months. The mother has to get pregnant while the first child is on his 11 months.

I strongly disagree on this. There are so many factors. The mother's health, the well being of the first child and the second child as well. If money is not a matter, I still reckon it is too early. The first child needs a lot of attention at that stage and comprehension as to why he is not getting it is too far beyond. More so with the 2nd child. It will be so hard to balance between the two.

I reckon, it is out of the question if money will be considered that the Mum wouldn't even find the time to enjoy shopping womens sandals once in a while.

But at the end of the day, to each her/his own. I just hope that everyone's welfare is considered.