04 March 2012

Baking Again

Today, after a long time, we baked cookies again. I liked the cookies that my workmate brought to work that I asked for the recipe. It's been over two or three months but finally, I tried it.

The Tatapilla at first, didn't one want to participate - because he was eating ice cream, what else is more exciting? But when it came to beating and licking the spoon and the beater, he was interested. The whole family pitched in.

The Tatapilla can't even wait for it to cook. He had two when they cooled down. I'd say they were quite yummy if I didn't burn the base. Not because I was busy on the vlc free download but I thought they were not cooked yet as they were not golden so I left them 5 minutes too long in the oven. Oh well, they're liked.