04 April 2012


I am very proud of my one-and-a-half men. They have created a routine of going to school and getting home by riding their bikes, except on rainy days that is. They ride their bikes in the morning and the Tatapilla's bike stay at school so he can ride it again to home.

One afternoon, they were not home yet when I got back from work. I walked to meet them and they were just good tandem. The Tatapilla is learning a lot of things from his dad especially road safety, that is, dismount when crossing the roads. This knowledge and skill is really important for when he does to big school. I am so proud of Daddy that giving him personalised gift, if he is into it, is not enough to show it (may it be personalized gifts to show your sympathy, appreciation, love, etc).

Today, the Tatapilla for the first time tried to ride his bike without the training wheels. It was not a vavaboom exercise but he is getting the concept why. He just needs to be pushed harder.