23 April 2012

Compassionate Children

Compassion is s trait that makes kids better people. I reckon, sympathy and empathy starts from compassionate feeling. Instilling this value to kids is simple. Here are some tips from bodyandsoul.com.au.
Come up with some ideas as a family that makes someone else or others who needs it feel happy – and it doesn't have to be a charity. It could be as simple as taking an elderly relative out for a cup of tea and some conversation. Talk about feelings together. Come up with scenarios and ask your kids how that might make them feel. Help them boost their feelings vocabulary. You can even do this while reading books or looking at pictures of faces in magazines. Make a plan as a family to do something that has a broader community or even global impact. This could be sponsoring a child in need, lessening your family's carbon footprint or volunteering for a cause. See then discuss a movie in which people help others. "This is a fun and entertaining way to teach compassion because kids love movies," Dr Tucci says, adding that he and his son even managed to have such a discussion after watching Transformers recently.
Recognise acts of kindness undertaken by your child. For example if you see your child sharing their toys or food, call attention to the act and talk about how that act made everyone feel as well as what the feelings could have been if the act of kindness hadn't happened. There are many ways that these tips can be practiced. Going to commercial playground equipment and meeting strangers or going to the beach and meeting new people.