04 April 2012

Latest Conversations

In depth conversations always happen when we are in bed trying to fall asleep.

T: Are you and dad married?
T: Why?
M: Why not?
..it is followed by silence so I thought, I'll pursue the conversation.
M: What does married means?
T: It means you are inlove and you like each other. Then you become wife and husband.

Imagine those words coming out of the mouth of a 4 years and 9 months old boy. I told his Dad about it and he asked, where did he get it? I am stumped myself. Regardless, he is getting a good idea of adult life now.

Tonight, 04/04/2012:
He was holding his iggle piggle toy with his blanket. He told me that it is his pretend brother. I asked, do you like a brother? He said, yes but a real one.

If only, kids are like swimming pool pumps, easy to procure and less maintenance. I don't see kids as work, they should be job - something you love doing/looking after. But we just go with the flow and let God do his will.