04 April 2012

The List

Since last year, a few months after his birthday, the Tatapilla has been making a list of presents that he wants for his 5th birthday. And the list is:

1. DS - so I am familiarising myself with the type of DS there is and the suitable games that he can play.
2. Iron man suit - just a pretend one of course, no sheet metal gauges.
3. Batman suit
4. Spider man suite - he just grew out on one.
5. A motorbike. I asked him if he wants a real one, he said, just a pretend one. Fair enough.

I told him that next year he is going to the big school and he will be wearing uniforms. The superhero suits will not be on display - they are somewhat out of the list. Just this weekend, we bought him an iron man hoodie. So maybe, those suits will just be replaced by shirts of hoodies.