13 May 2012

Another Random Conversation

While brushing peggies, we talk about day offs. T: I get 3 days off. Mum, you only have 2 days off. Me: Yes, you are lucky. T: You wish you are a kid, don't you? Me: Yes, I do. T: You should have not eaten your veggies. ***** I went to his school to spend sometime leading to Mother's day. I watched him play with playdough and eventually, we coloured a Mother's day card. Just before leaving, he toured me around the room - pointing to things, etc. Then we got to the corner where there were cushions. T: That's blah and blah's naughty corner. Me: Have you been in there? T: Why would I? ***** While writing this post, I am listening to my one-and-a-half men making a racket in the bathroom. Mcj is directing the Tatapilla in the shower what to wash, how and where (directing not in metal buildings). Mcj is holding the shower head and T would screen, too hottie, too coldie.