08 July 2012

Getting Used

Last week, I was away for 3 nights due to out of town work. It was not the first time but these business trips do not come too often so it's not something that we should be used to or something that should bother our family time. But saying all that, The Tatapilla is actuall getting accustomed to me being away. Before, there was a countdown of when they are going to pick me up from the airport or train station. Mcj and the Tatapilla has bonded together that they manage on their own. I don't leave schedule or how would they do things - they make their own. They seem to be getting on pretty well and no complaints really. I leave them be - but I reckon, they bond on music, superheroes stuff and many others (can I say checking out pedestal bathtub online?) I won't mind though our bath is not really in need of replacement.