07 October 2012

Beating Grunting

According to studies, bowel problem is common to school kids due to their diet. Based on the article in bodyandsoul.com.au, it's not hard to feed kids with fiber punch food. I am largely talking about my kid but these food are all time favourite, I reckon. And if kids dislike them, there's always a first time for everything (like find Navy coins) and just like adults, we need to get used to them.
Packing a fibre punch Baked beans (1/2 cup) = 7g Green peas (1/2 cup) = 5g Pear (average size) = 4g Raspberries (1 cup) = 8g Wholemeal pasta (1/2 cup) = 4g White pasta (1/2 cup) = less than 1g Wholemeal/rye bread (one slice) = 2g White bread (one slice) = less than 1g