07 October 2012

Parenting Tips

You can hear or read in the news that problem with kids ranges from bad to worse. There are many factors not just the parenting type but parents I do believe plays a very vital role in the behaviour of kids. Here are some tips for bodyandsoul.com.au:
5 tips on discipline Tell your child what to do rather than what not to do – for example, “Walk in the house” not “Don’t run in the house”. Ensure kids understand the consequences for breaking the rules, which should be fair and age appropriate. Act quickly when children misbehave. The consequences need to relate to the behaviour so follow through immediately. Stay calm and tell your child in a firm, pleasant voice what you want them to do. Praise your child when they behave well.
I am sure there are many more like rewarding them with equestrian apparel, if they are into it or whatever floats your boat. If you are seeing good results, it must be effective so keep it up. For me, there are no sets of rules, each of us and the kids have our own circumstances. It should be rigid.