18 November 2012

Any Volunteer?

HO ho no! The festive season is facing its biggest crisis with a lack of Santas to stack the sacks in shopping store grottos across the state. The situation is so critical - especially in country towns - that a Mr Claus recruitment agency is signing up older teens to fulfil the Christmas wishes of every young child. "A lot of people believe it is a job only for a fat old man, but that's not the case," National Santa project manager for Bluestone Recruitment, Alan Ellis said. "We are calling on 19-year-olds and upwards. When you get them dressed up in their costumes, you wouldn't know their age. "You don't have to be fat because we will give you an artificial belly and we also give them an eyebrow-whitening pencil. "We need around 600 Santas this year, but we only have 300. We desperately need Santas for Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, the Blue Mountains and Dubbo." Mark Smithers, 28, said age is no barrier when it comes to being a good Santa and helping deliver Christmas to children. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/ho-ho-no-santa-shortage-critical/story-fneszs56-1226518630946#ixzz2CXCYeEU2
Any takers? I'm sure it'll be fun. It's community service despite the sweating in the suit as this summer has been predicted to be hot. Would they have some incentive (something like Iolo disk defragmenter) or is it asking too much?