18 November 2012


It's hard to know how much is enough for a growing child. Sometimes, we want our kids to each as much as we can but there's a thin line between that and over feeding them. But I reckon, mother's instinct is still the best but as we live a very harried and hurried life, it is waning - more like our linear bearings are decreasing. Here's some input from bodyandsoul.com.au:
What’s a healthy weight? After the age of six months, plotting children’s weight and height in the health record book provided with their birth can give parents a fair idea of how their growth is tracking, says Dietitians Association of Australia spokeswoman Kate Di Prima. “If they are gaining weight proportionately, this is a healthy sign,” Di Prima says. She says if at six months your child is on, say, the 25th percentile line (that is, weighing under the average) and continues to track along this line, it is likely your child is gaining weight proportionately. “If parents are concerned, they could also check their child’s BMI and discuss it with a dietitian or their doctor or health nurse.” For older kids, she says clothes size is a good indication of their weight. “If they’re eight years old and the height of an eight-year old but wearing size 12, this could flag an issue with weight. Again, talk about this with the appropriate health professional.”