Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

23 April 2012

Visit to the Retirement Village

I got home one evening to hear the news that the Tatapilla visited a retirement village along with his classmates and teachers to perform (specifically sing) to the people there. I have been hearing from him that they're going to have a performance but I have checked their calendar and there's nothing there for that activity. But Mcj said that he was told the day before to take Tatapilla to school before 9AM. Apparently, he sings the loudest and from what I gathered he memorises the songs. They performed two songs, waltzing matilda and home among the gum trees. I am not sure if they relate to blueridge but I reckon, for his age he is doing very fine. He likes singing.

Instant Fiends

The Tatapilla is a very sociable creature. He doesn't have problem talking to anybody, adults or kids. People that he doesn't know personally are like best friends to him when he talks to them on the phone. We went biking at the park one time and there are kids there. He parked his bike and was approaching the other kids when we stopped to ask him if he knows them. He said, I saw them today which is at that moment. We were at the beach the other day and there's this kid his age, an only child it seems and they just hit it off. It's not like adults that have to sit over packets after packets of opus x cigars to befriend others. He doesn't think of any barriers at all. In his eyes, all are similar.

Iron Man 2

Since we don't go out at night except for going or getting dinner, we watch movies. We can hire unlimited DVD's for 20$ so it really suits us fine. The choice are really not fantastic but there are many movies that we have not seen yet. And so the most favourite is of course, Iron Man 2. In less than 24 hours, we've seen it 3 times. One in the afternoon after we got back from the beach, one at night before going to sleep and one in the morning when we wake up. And after all the time of seeing it, we're still hooked even on the third time. I reckon, even if we don't have blue-ray player here, we can use vlc player just to see it in the lappy. Apparently, it will go down as the most favourite movie of all time.

Compassionate Children

Compassion is s trait that makes kids better people. I reckon, sympathy and empathy starts from compassionate feeling. Instilling this value to kids is simple. Here are some tips from bodyandsoul.com.au.
Come up with some ideas as a family that makes someone else or others who needs it feel happy – and it doesn't have to be a charity. It could be as simple as taking an elderly relative out for a cup of tea and some conversation. Talk about feelings together. Come up with scenarios and ask your kids how that might make them feel. Help them boost their feelings vocabulary. You can even do this while reading books or looking at pictures of faces in magazines. Make a plan as a family to do something that has a broader community or even global impact. This could be sponsoring a child in need, lessening your family's carbon footprint or volunteering for a cause. See then discuss a movie in which people help others. "This is a fun and entertaining way to teach compassion because kids love movies," Dr Tucci says, adding that he and his son even managed to have such a discussion after watching Transformers recently.
Recognise acts of kindness undertaken by your child. For example if you see your child sharing their toys or food, call attention to the act and talk about how that act made everyone feel as well as what the feelings could have been if the act of kindness hadn't happened. There are many ways that these tips can be practiced. Going to commercial playground equipment and meeting strangers or going to the beach and meeting new people.

04 April 2012

The List

Since last year, a few months after his birthday, the Tatapilla has been making a list of presents that he wants for his 5th birthday. And the list is:

1. DS - so I am familiarising myself with the type of DS there is and the suitable games that he can play.
2. Iron man suit - just a pretend one of course, no sheet metal gauges.
3. Batman suit
4. Spider man suite - he just grew out on one.
5. A motorbike. I asked him if he wants a real one, he said, just a pretend one. Fair enough.

I told him that next year he is going to the big school and he will be wearing uniforms. The superhero suits will not be on display - they are somewhat out of the list. Just this weekend, we bought him an iron man hoodie. So maybe, those suits will just be replaced by shirts of hoodies.



I am very proud of my one-and-a-half men. They have created a routine of going to school and getting home by riding their bikes, except on rainy days that is. They ride their bikes in the morning and the Tatapilla's bike stay at school so he can ride it again to home.

One afternoon, they were not home yet when I got back from work. I walked to meet them and they were just good tandem. The Tatapilla is learning a lot of things from his dad especially road safety, that is, dismount when crossing the roads. This knowledge and skill is really important for when he does to big school. I am so proud of Daddy that giving him personalised gift, if he is into it, is not enough to show it (may it be personalized gifts to show your sympathy, appreciation, love, etc).

Today, the Tatapilla for the first time tried to ride his bike without the training wheels. It was not a vavaboom exercise but he is getting the concept why. He just needs to be pushed harder.


Latest Conversations

In depth conversations always happen when we are in bed trying to fall asleep.

T: Are you and dad married?
T: Why?
M: Why not?
..it is followed by silence so I thought, I'll pursue the conversation.
M: What does married means?
T: It means you are inlove and you like each other. Then you become wife and husband.

Imagine those words coming out of the mouth of a 4 years and 9 months old boy. I told his Dad about it and he asked, where did he get it? I am stumped myself. Regardless, he is getting a good idea of adult life now.

Tonight, 04/04/2012:
He was holding his iggle piggle toy with his blanket. He told me that it is his pretend brother. I asked, do you like a brother? He said, yes but a real one.

If only, kids are like swimming pool pumps, easy to procure and less maintenance. I don't see kids as work, they should be job - something you love doing/looking after. But we just go with the flow and let God do his will.