Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

08 July 2012

Life without Facebook

not for the Tatapilla but for me. Mind you I still check my facebook updates from friends and fave celebs but I have not been updating my status. I have communicated with my sister through it but nothing much these days. Not because I have nothing to put because as I have gotten used to broadcasting some stuff online before, I have this feeling sometimes that hey, I'll take a photo of that to share. But, I immediately dampen it. There are several reasons why I have not been so actively online and I'd rather not share it. At this stage, I believe that not being active on social network is really good for me. I am not at the point of deleting my account yet but I might have to delete my photos, not because I have some stuff like Funeral planning worksheet in there but I just feel like it. I need to find time to do it.


The Tatapilla is into cooking these days. He's been requesting pancakes for breakfast on weekends which I indulge him for two consecutive weekeneds. He's been helping so we bought special tools in cooking. He likes sifting the flour and beating the batter. Today, we made a simple choc-chip cookies and he helped sift the flour and roll-up the dough. I bought his apron ages ago and it has been put into good use these days. I just hope that he will keep-up with this new found interest of his. Who knows, he might be furthering this fields before he tries on that scott kay mens outfit. That's be ages ahead, I reckon.


... birthday, that is. How fast the time flies. It's so quick. I can seem to vividly remember they day that I was in labour. This year, we are not going to have a party. A family celebration is enough. We might see his favourite movie, have cakes and cupcakes and a special dinner. What's most important are the presents. We've already bought him some and they are sitting in the cupboards in the shed so he will not see them. They are all some of the things that he wants - no jewelry online or shall I say, blings bought online. Just his favourite superhero custome and accessories and some educational stuff. I plan to make this one different and I hope it will be.

Getting Used

Last week, I was away for 3 nights due to out of town work. It was not the first time but these business trips do not come too often so it's not something that we should be used to or something that should bother our family time. But saying all that, The Tatapilla is actuall getting accustomed to me being away. Before, there was a countdown of when they are going to pick me up from the airport or train station. Mcj and the Tatapilla has bonded together that they manage on their own. I don't leave schedule or how would they do things - they make their own. They seem to be getting on pretty well and no complaints really. I leave them be - but I reckon, they bond on music, superheroes stuff and many others (can I say checking out pedestal bathtub online?) I won't mind though our bath is not really in need of replacement.

Spider Man Phase

With the upcoming movie The Amazing Superman, the telly is inundated with spidey series and of course, the Tatapilla won't let them passed without seeing them. Actually, last night was a huge drama as there were lots of sports telecast going on and at the same time, spidey 2 was on. I told him that we are recording it but he said, you can't watch it over and over when you record it. You have to tape it. I told him that recording and taping are the same. At last he went to sleep not upset about it. And guess what? The moment he woke up, he was on it. Today, he went to the shops in his old spider man outfit and he got the looks from others of course - which he was so proud. With the hype, really going to art supply store is not on his priority these days. It's the crawling and jumping.