Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

03 February 2013


Last week marks the most memorable events in our lives especially with the Tatapilla. It was his first week at prep school. Actually, he is in a grade 1 prep mixed class. He is having fun and always excited to go to school. I am crossing my fingers that he will stay the same - so eager to learn new things, to meet new people and just be excited about life. The first game console has graced out humble home. We never had one before aside from those you play on the computer. I am not against it but I am not into it either. Good thing this one, we didn't buy. It was a hand-me-down PS2, with all the trappings that come with it. Lots of games appropriate for his age. The tatapilla has been wanting a game console or a DS, that he would have have wrote a letter if we have thought tobuy suggestion boxes - he wanted to ask Santa about it. As they say, good things come to those who waits.