24 October 2015

Australia Zoo Visit

In the Tatapilla's first year, their field trip to excursion if you may call it that was at Australia Zoo.  I went with them, not in the bus but I drove.  Funny that he didn't want to go with me.  Obviously, the bus is more fun than driving with me.  He had fun.  Me not so much.  Unfortunately, I was not prepared with a lot of walking and the warm weather. Lesson well learned.

The Christmas Present Misty
It wasn't planned.  As our routine when we are at the shops, we would drop by the pet shop to look at the animals that they have for sale.  While there, I happen to call Mcj who was at home. He asked if they have a cat.  Of course, they do.  And so it started.  

The shop attendant took our details and history about pets - our last cat was put down that year or the year before as he had cancer on the nose.  We took home Misty that day. 

Can I say, it was a fairy tale six months for us.  She was very playful and interactive.  Sadly, her life here on Earth was so full albeit short that she had a tragic end.  That's another story altogether.

About three months after Misty was taken from us, we thought we were ready for a new friend.  We did our research and our intention was to adopt from RSPCA. We checked out cats at the RSPCA centre close to our place (online) and we found one, though we were not decided that we were going to get it.  The Tatapilla and I went to the shops.  There were three cats there and of course, the Black one was the favourite.  He was convinced that, it can hide from him at the hallway because it would be a bit dark.  Mcj wanted a girl but he was not there so he didn't get his way.  I was just happy with any new friend.