31 October 2015


The Tatapilla seldom needs help to do his homework. It's more a guidance on where to writer stuff rather than what to. If left up to him, he will write the answers to all the questions in one long big sentence.
At school, I was told that they have a reward system that if the homework is returned on or before it was due, they get points. At the end of the week, these points are being tallied-up so the student can get something from the surprise box. The surprise box contains small toys and school supplies like rubbers, pencils or fancy sharpener.
The rewards system works for a couple of weeks. The Tatapilla was prompt in doing and returning his homework. Towards the end of the third term though, I found out about a month ago that he hasn't returned his homework. I found it hidden in his toy area.
He was instructed to return it. And every night, I would ask him if he has new homework. I was told, no because the teacher has not handed them out yet. Little did I know. I found the homework case in his bag on Tuesday. And again, was told to return it. That night, I asked if he has returned and I got a prompt response of yes. Then, what really pissed me off (I seldom use this word) was finding him hiding his homework again in his toy area. I was so angry to say the least.
It's seems that we have done most if not all and falling short of escorting him to his classroom while hands in his homework, I don't know what else to do. Rewards system, we have tried but not too much of it. I am not 100% in agreement with it. I mean, it's all about responsibility. I am trying to teach my child the sense of owning his responsibility and not doing things because he is getting something out of it. Plus, it's not like I can afford something like a mini mic stand and other accessories that come with it.
He returned it yesterday though. I am not sure if it is his own volition or because his Dad went to talk to the teacher. Either way, I am just glad. It has a been a trying stage and we just muddle through. It's almost the end of the school year and we were advised that NAPLAN is on the third year second term. We have lots of things to do.