24 October 2015


Our vet moved clinic so we went to this new one.  We were there to get Moe's scheduled vaccine.  They have cats - around four.  There are gingers and of course the grey.  Of them all, the grey was the most playful.  The three gingers were siblings we were told.  The grey was always reaching out for us while standing.  Mcj is a sucker for girl cats - must be wanting a little girl.  Lol.  

We applied for the grey which was named Mable.  There were many applicants for her.  Apparently, she was one of the favourites.  Mcj and the Tatapilla kept coming back to the vet to check if we were approved.  Eventually, after three days.. she came home to us.  

Now, she's gracing our little peaceful life with lots of chaos and mess.  When I say mess, I meant tipped rubbish bin in the ensuite.  And that is just this morning just before I left for work.  Oh well.