24 October 2015

Star Wars

With the coming new Star War movie, one of the free to air telly channels have been showing the star war series.  The Tatapilla is quite taken with Anakin.  On the third episode, he came to me with watery red eyes.  

"Anakin died".  Then proceeded sniffling and eventually crying.  I consoled him.  "He's my favourite".  Oh dear, more crying.  He went back to watch the telly again and found out that Ani didn't died but Padme Amidalla died instead.  "I don't likee Ani anymore".  Why, I asked.  "Because of him his wife died".  I explained that I am sure it was not his intention but it is meant to be so he can live on.  He has not changed his mind yet.  We'll see, how he'll fare with Darth Vader.