Happy 4th Birthday

Enjoyed cake and party with friends at daycare.

First few books

Enjoyed reading at a very early age.

Supposedly Iron Man

So cute! The background and setting are just toppings.

Feeding the seagulls

Picnic with Harbour Bridge in the background

First real bed with wheels

The best Christmas present ever!!

01 February 2016

First Day Excitement

My little Tatapilla is not little anymore, not just in size (and it’s another story).  He’s now in year 3.  How time flies. 

The night before, we tried to get him to bed early.  I was hoping for 8PM but apparently that was too ambitious.  It was around 9 or 10.  I can’t even remember now.  I was hoping for an early night for myself as I was quite shattered too. 

I was constantly checking up on him if he was asleep and on a few times, he was up.  I was told that he was very excited for the next day that he can’t sleep.  I woke up the next day and found him asleep in the lounge.  Apparently, he went there around midnight. 

He might be a bit tired on his first day but the report was it was an enjoyable day.  Did a lot of fun and reading (one of the few things he likes doing). 

Oh, he has the same teacher as last year which is really great and same friends - I am not sure if there's a musician's friend there.