03 May 2017

Brave Little Boy

We have friends over last weekend. The Tatapilla has two playmates all morning. They were very busy making paper aeroplanes. At first, they were just playing inside the house, in the lounge, dining and in the hall way. There’s enough room for the planes to soar. The adults are all outside yarning about. Towards the middle of the day, we drifted to the driveway as our friend was loading her car with stuff. And so the boys decided to play outside as well. We kept on reminding them not to be too close to the road. We are in a bit of a busy road as it is feeding off main roads on both ends. Things settled down a bit and then I was shown a big scratch on the Tatapilla’s leg. Apparently, he was chasing his paper aeroplane, got to the brick block and slipped. Imagine how painful it was! I have to play nurse. I have to say, despite how quesy I am with blood and gore but when it comes to my family, I seem to be not afflicted with it.

The Tatapilla was so brave. I applied a bit of Betadine and bandaged it. He shed a few tears but that was it. You think he deserve a musiciansfriend.com guitar picks? Or maybe the whole shebang? Something to consider for his upcoming birthday.